Table Rock Fall Division Happening Now! Cape Fair USA Bassin Tournament #1

Our First Table Rock Fall division tournament for USA Bassin National Tournament Trails was at Cape Fair Marina, Saturday November 11th. It was a cold, crisp morning, but warmed into the mid 50’s by 1 pm. Two teams weighed 5 fish limits, with the biggest bag weighing almost 12 pounds, with big bass of 3.27 lbs. Come fish the next one, November 18th, at Mill Creek Ramp. Earn national points and fish on to regional and championship week.

go here for the lures I caught all my bass on…   

Pond Fishing Tips for Winter Bass (ft. Mike Iaconelli)

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Ike’s favorite pond fishing baits for winter bass:
1. Rapala Husky Jerk
2. Rapala Shad Rap
3. VMC finesse half moon jig/Berkley Powerbait Ripple Shad
4. VMC rugby jig/Berkley Havoc Larry Nixon Bottom Hopper
5. Missile JIgs Ike’s Mini Flip Jig/Berkley Powerbait Chigger Chunk


Location: New Jersey
Date: January 6th, 2016
Primary Pattern: Needed an auger :/
Camera used: Sony A5100 (stock settings)


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How to catch BASS in Hi-Pressured Areas – Ft. Bryan Thrift 2017 AOY

This is how Bryan Thrift won the 2017 FLW Angler of the Year. Catching bass in hi pressure areas is a hard thing to do. These fishing tips from Bryan will help you a bunch!


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The Secret of Tournament Bass Fishing, Fish in Lots of Tournaments!

Re-posted by Randy Yancey-Division Director, USA Bassin Tournaments, Table Rock Fall Division

The Secret of Tournament Bass Fishing

Posted on Aug 30, 2010

By Matt Beckler

This may very well be the magic article that all tournament bass fisherman have been waiting for. The article that exposes the secrets of the upper echelon. So take a minute and lets delve into the world of the unknown. A world in which the likes of a VanDam, Evers, Reese, Brauer, and a Clunn could only know about. This mystery place is kind of like the Area 51 of bass fishing if you will.

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There must be a secret to consistently weighing in limits of fish on foreign waters right? We watch the coverage on ESPN from our couches chapping our lips from licking them in excitement and awe at the simplicity of how these fisherman easily fill their boxes with four and five pound fish. We amuse ourselves like children watching a high wire act at the circus. “How do these guys do this” we ask ourselves every weekend. So, we pay close attention to what kind of gear that they are using, how big the engine is, what the brand of sunglasses are, and how many ball bearings their bait caster has in it’s thumb grips. “That must be it!” we say to ourselves and there goes some more of our hard earned money as we ape what we see on television and read in the magazines. We have come to the conclusion that stocking stuffers and retail end cap glittery packaging has to be the secret of catching winning fish! Lets not kid ourselves, it certainly does not hinder our efforts to be surrounded with the best equipment, tackle, boats, and gear on the market. Also, it keeps our outdoor economy with viable fresh air.

Now we have a full spread of the latest NASA approved fishing reels, rods, clothes, sunglasses, and an engine that has more horses and ponies packed into one cowling than John Force’s top fuel funny car. Armed with GPS, side scanners, Japanese lures, and weights made from materials that are questionable to be found on the periodic table of elements, we are finally ready to expose their secrets. Lets go fishing.

Day one results: not too good, must be the front that passed through last month. Day two results: even worse, must be the dam people pulling water off our fishes head. Day three results: the dam people quit pulling water and the bite went away. The greatest gear from the far east has not caught the under water Boone and Crocketts so it must be something else going on. It can’t be from decisions that we have made, no way. No one wants to walk up the hill with an empty bag and have to tell their comrades that they just can’t catch fish. So we blame it on the dam people and meteorologists. By the way, the dam people are some of the nicest folks I have ever met. They mention all the time that their ears start burning around 3:30 p.m. on Saturdays. I just tell them to wear more sun block.

The Pro-Bass Fishing Training Manual is the Insiders Guide To Bass Fishing Tips & Techniques Known to a Select Group of Highly Effective Bass Fisherman. Click Here!

So how does VanDam, Brauer, Reese, Evers, and Clunn do it on television and just what is their secret to unlimited catches of bug-eyed box fillers? I unfortunately do not have the resources to “Pull that rabbit out of the hat,” however, I can let you in on what I have observed. These guys are full time employees of the fishing industry and surround themselves with fishing and it’s nuances everyday of their lives. Information inundates their brains every minute from multiple sources in addition to the research that they pursue on their own. In short order, they are walking lineside computer processors, constantly storing and sending new information.

During a television show with Edwin Evers called “Lost Lake” he was fishing with deep crank baits on Grand Lake in Oklahoma. These baits have become so popularized by their success on Kentucky Lake and the Tennessee River Chain of Lakes by VanDam and Evers. We all have set out to enjoy this success with these lures but most of us have not been able to find the correct angle of retrieve, line size-sure match, speed of retrieve, and color that we read and watch on television. These factors don’t even take into consideration whether or not those are even bass that we see on our electronics. Wow, so many factors, just what is the secret? Readers, it is much simpler than this. Mr. Evers enlightened my approach to these baits and bass fishing as a whole with his “secret” that, surprisingly, he told on cable television. Edwin went on to say, “These baits work and they work well. Television editing will not allow you to see the amount of time that we have to put in a day to catch the fish for a thirty minute show. Stick with the bait all day and learn how to use it.” Well, this may not be exactly what he said but it is dam close. I just can’t let the dam people off the hook yet.

Click here for schedule for Fall Division on Table Rock Lake

The secret was let out of the clutches of the Fort Knox fishing with-holdings with that one statement by Mr. Evers. This is my synopsis on his comments: Work hard at what you do and believe in what you are doing and you will succeed. There is no secret other than spending as much time as you can on the water and doing your own research, not just relying on that of others, to better your efforts. We need to learn our tools and how they are best utilized. We must understand how all of our gear functions by itself and in relation to other gear. There is no one aspect of fishing that can better your results more than proper effort and experience. Learn from your days on the water and observe everything. Each day of fishing that we spend sets the foundation for the next day. Think of your career as a “ladder.” Every day we fish we can add a rung to it. But we better make sure that the rungs are secure and will hold us while we work on the one above it. Otherwise we will fall down and utter momma’s no-no’s at the dam people around 3:30 while walking up the hill.

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Here’s a great way to practice and get tournament experience!

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Only $60 per team or solo and includes ‘big bass pot’!

USA Bassin Divisional Tournament- Table Rock Lake- Fall Division

USA Bassin Divisional Tournament Schedule

MO-12 Table Rock Fall division

Randy Yancey – Division Director – Table Rock Fall Division 2017

Here’s the newly released schedule for our Fall division on Table Rock lake!

For details and to Register for this division and to become a USA Bassin member click on the link below!

USA Bassin Divisional Tournament- Table Rock Lake- Fall Division

OR, contact me at and put ‘USA Bassin Table Rock Tourneys’! Or, dm me on Instagram at ‘largemouth_bass_nation’ and I’ll answer any questions personally!

Early registrants not only get a earlier boat number, but become eligible for a drawing for free Rapala or Storm lures/gear to be held after each tournaments weigh-ins!

Table Rock lake- Fall 2017 Schedule! (click link or picture)

usa flyer.schedule


Pre Fishing for USA Bassin Regionals on Pomme de Terre Lake, Oct 20th!

Pre Fishing for USA Bassin Regionals on Pomme de Terre Lake, Oct 20th! Me and my brother Alan Yancey, Decided to fish the Regionals of USA Bassin Tourney Trail on October 21st so to find where the bass were biting, we pre-fished Friday from noon to about 5 pm. The first keeper took a couple hours to boat, as we were fishing waters south of Lightfoot that we’d never fished. Here’s a short video I put together of our results. Watch for our video, Regional Tournament of USA Bassin results here in the next day or two!

Hint- We culled 1 time with 15 minutes left in the day! Thanks for viewing and be sure and like and subscribe if you like videos of us catching bass from the lakes of Southwest Missouri!

#storm, @Storm lures, @Rapala, #rapala, #usa bassin, #largemouth bass nation, Bassin fools

Catching Huge Bass over Five Pounds, The Videos

Catching Huge Bass over Five Pounds

Catching a Huge 24″ Largemouth Bass in March

Below is our most recent video of catching a near 6lb largemouth at LOTO during the second day of the USA Bassin regional tournament in the end of September! Be sure and subscribe to our ‘BassinFools’ Youtube channel.

Catching Near 6 Pound Largemouth Bass at USA Bassin Regional Tourney, September

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I’ve NEVER seen anything like this while Fishing!!

Have you ever seen this while out fishing?

Day 2 fishing Lake of the Ozarks brought cloudy, rainy, cold conditions which should have set up perfect for a moving bait bite…but the fishing gods had other plans for me. I had to grind and cover 35 miles of the lake, but eventually I settled in and caught some GIANT BASS!! Right before I caught my big ones, a deer swam all the way across the cove I was fishing and ran up the bank right next to me! I’d never seen anything like this, although had heard many stories…couldn’t believe the animal got so close to me. That had to be tough in 45 degree water!

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Fishing Lures – What's The Difference?

When it comes to fishing lures, it looks like there are more choices than can be found when trying to order a cup of coffee at Starbucks. And for those of you who have never had the pleasure, that's A LOT of freakin choices! Fishing lures come in all shapes and sizes, so other than the obvious, what's the difference?

In this article, I'm going to try to explain the difference between fishing lures, and why it should matter to us as fishermen. When I use the term 'fishing lure' in this article, I'm going to be referring mainly to minnow (or baitfish) imitations. These are the most popular form of fishing lure, mainly because larger fish eat smaller fish. This concept is pretty simple to understand, so what's the difference between all of the 'fishing lure' choices?

The bottom line is that we want the fishing lure that we use to look as much like a real baitfish as possible. In other words, we want it to look as much like a real baitfish as possible, under the water, rather than in the packaging. Keep in mind that fishing lures are sold to people , and people are not the ones that need to be fooled by the lure, fish are. This means that packaging and such should not make a difference, what matters is how the fishing lure will look underwater to the fish.

This is where it can become hard to choose which lure is the best, because without buying and using the lure, how the heck do you know how it will perform. A good rule of thumb is to stick with a lure manufacturer that's been around for awhile. Rapala is a great example of this. Rapala has been making balsa wood fishing lures for a very long time, and the lures that they make are of the highest quality. Their minnow imitations look very much like real bait fish as well.

Another rule of thumb is a manufacturer who can show you what their lure can do before you make a purchase. That's exactly what the manufacturers of the Kick Tail Minnow do. On their website, they show you exactly what their lures look like underwater before you make a decision. The Kick Tail Minnow looks as realistic as it gets as well.

The bottom line is that you want a fishing lure that looks as realistic as possible, underwater (where the fish are), rather than looking good in the packaging. Look for money back guarantees as well. Any manufacturer that will stand behind their products with money back guarantees, normally makes a quality product. The difference between fishing lures is how realistic they appear under the water.

Source by Trevor Kugler

Big Bass Crushing the Whopper Plopper – Topwater Bass Fishing

Lure: Whopper Plopper
Color: Ra Ta Tat, Size: 90
Rod: 7′ St. Croix Avid Medium Heavy
Reel: Lews Magnesium
Line: 17 lb. Stren Mono
Trebles: #4 Triple Grip

Liz and I back at it again with the River2Sea whopper plopper in Rat Ta Tat color. We have been fishing it a good bit lately and have gotten some wild topwater strikes. It has become Liz’s favorite topwater bait. Make sure to check out the cool new colors at

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Largemouth Bass Fishing With Monster Worms

Big bass love to try and get their mouths around gigantic creations. Some like to finesse big fish, and outdoors magazines are often filled with "Micro lures for Giant Bass" articles. We are kidding, big fish like to eat big lures, these articles are just filling space for their advertisers. Sure, big fish will attack small lures if it's the only lure in the water, but they much prefer trying to maul a meal that will satisfy them instead of grazing on micro minnows.

With the internet, has come the ability of specialty bait companies to offer their wicked creations to the public without having to go through huge discount retailers. Specialty pourers have come up with some of the most incredible plastic baits ever seen in fishing history. They have no strict profit margins, they are beholden to no shareholders, and so they are allowed to be creative. And the common fisherman can actually get their hands on some truly innovative baits.

A fisherman can pretty much get his hands on any bait his imagination can conjure up. Giant frogs, snakes, lizards, salamanders, and the wonderful creature baits. And, importantly, when you buy from independent individuals, the prices are actually reasonable.

Now, with the competition of the internet, prices are driven down-way down. Paying 5 bucks for 5 pathetic looking plastics worms because it's the only choice in the store is gone. Manufacturers of over priced plastic junk actually have to do some market research these days to keep customers. Take advantage of all the internet tackle makers and make your fishing more enjoyable.

Source by Scott R

Kayak Fishing Tennessee Creeks: GIANT SMALLMOUTH – Pt. 1

I love fishing for river smallmouth from the kayak. In fact, I just love getting on these rivers in the kayak and exploring. These places are the reason that I chose to call Tennessee home after retiring from the Navy and they never disappoint.

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How To Become An Efficient Debt Collector

Debt collectors are much sought after by many different kinds of businesses. You can become a debt collector and you can operate from office or from home. The most important incentives for a money collection business owner is finding debtors and obtaining customers. Here are a few tips to become an efficient debt collector.

Experience and professional organizations

It is vital that you work within a money collection agency, to begin with, before you can start your own company. Aside from that, on-the-job training will also be provided to you. There are many international organizations that provide training. Debt collectors usually initiate contact by letter, emails, and by telephone. They offer credit contracts, and terms of service and sales. They also try to understand why there is a delay in the payments. Once a customer agrees to make the payments, debt collectors record the agreement. Money collectors check with the post office, the telephone companies, hospitals, department stores, etc. Some collectors work directly for banks, hospitals, and department stores.

Training required

Money collectors at least require having a high school diploma. Many employers prefer those applicants, who have some college training and some customer experience. Most employers give online training to the money collectors. Some money collectors get their certifications from top international organizations. You could also get some offline training in the field. Job prospects in the field should be highly favorable to those, who have the right qualifications and the right kind of work experience. If you want to become a money collector, you would also need to consider the kind of prospects it can have for you. Patience, judgment, motivation skills, etc. are very important for a person to become a debt collector.

Prospects as a debt collector

The employment of money collectors is expected to grow much faster as compared to the average professions. The job prospects should be favorable especially for those collectors, who have extensive experience. There will be many job openings for money collectors this year. It is important to think about what it takes and what is actually involved. A career as a money collector is an excellent choice for those, who are outgoing, and have an interest in oral communications and social skills. If you are seriously thinking of becoming a collector, then you would need to enrol in a college and get a career in the field immediately after that.

Source by Aman Tumukur Khanna


I went home to visit the folks and while in the area I had to hook up and get in some bass fishing with my good buddy Ron Champion. Ron and Carter invited me to fish the Waterways Township in Richmond Hill, Georgia and I jumped at the chance. I hope you like the video.

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How to use a top water Popper style bait

Cloudy skies with a light breeze to ripple the water – throw a topwater! This popping style lure was my favorite to throw this year. I’ll show ya how I tie it on and work it.

These top water baits pop a bubble of water out the front of them mimicking a wounded fish. Because they make a ruckus, they’re great for a slight ripple. The harder you pop them, the bigger the bubble. Fish them on a cloudy day and you’ll see all kinds of explosive action!



Lake Nipissing Fishing – How to Catch the Most Popular Species

Lake Nipissing is known as one of the best fishing lakes in all of Ontario. Due to its large size and reliably shallow depth it offers a very strong and diverse fishery. The most popular fish species targeted by anglers are Walleye (Pickerel), Northern Pike, Smallmouth Bass and Muskies (Muskellunge). Each of these fish species will be attracted to different lures, bait and presentations so it's important to be aware of their preferences.

Walleye is generally the most popular and sought after fish in Ontario. Many fishermans are attracted to the challenge of catching them and the enjoyment of eating them. Walleye has a particularly good vision in low light conditions due to a variation in the structure of their eyes. Their eyesight advantage also extends to rough or stained water conditions giving them a significant advantage over their prey. Walleye are especially active in low-light conditions which makes a dusk fishing trip your best chance for success. Walleye also can see well in deeper water and can be found there, especially during the warmer summer season. Some of the best Walleye spots are in South Bay and along the south shore of Lake Nipissing. Lure and bait selection can vary broadly but a simple jig with live bait is often the best strategy for most fishermen. Your success with Walleye will often have more to do with the local conditions than anything related to tackle selection. Walleye are cautious fish and are famous for taking a little nibble before attacking their prey. It's important to hesitate just a little before setting the hook.

Northern Pike are plentiful in Lake Nipissing and generally fun to catch. They prefer shallow, weedy areas as well as cold, clear rocky waters. Fishing for Pike from shore can often be quite effective, especially in springtime. Quite often the first fish ever done by a beginner will be a Northern Pike. All Pike are ambush predators but especially the small and medium sizes ones as the larger ones do not generally have much to fear. They can wait motionless for a very long time waiting for their prey. They body shape allows them to strike extremely quickly and fishermen generally will have no trouble recognizing a bite. Larger Pike can be eaten with dead fish as bait although many fishermen still prefer trolling with various lures and live bait. This technique often works better in the summer and fall when the Pike will seek out deeper waters and locations that provide more cover. The natural structure of Lake Nipissing provides many shallow, weedy areas mixed with rocky islands and as a result is nearly perfect for fishermen targeting Northern Pike. Muskellunge are quite similar to Northern Pike and exhibit many of the same preferences and hunting patterns. Both Northern Pike and Muskellunge make for great trophy fishing.

Lake Nipissing also provides a great habitat for Smallmouth Bass. Smallmouth Bass are generally a fun fish to catch as they often put up a good fight highlighted with some aerial acrobatics as they reach the surface. Many different types of lures and bait will lead to success catching Smallmouth Bass including crankbaits, jigs and spinnerbaits. Smallmouth Bass generally prefer cooler water and are often found in rocky areas or near sandy bottoms of which Lake Nipissing has many.

Source by Jason Broughton

Early Fall Finesse Bass Fishing (Lake Habeeb, MD)

Late Summer/Early Fall bass fishing can be hit or miss, but finesse techniques in a clear mountain reservoir were just the ticket. Lake Habeeb in the mountains of MD was the location and it did not disappoint. The dropshot was the top technique, but as the wind picked up, a finesse swimbait and little spinnerbait found a few fish.


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*Tungsten Bullet Weights:
*Sunline Sniper Fluorocarbon:
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*Shimano Stradic Reel:
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The Secret to Catching Largemouth Bass

The secret to catching largemouth bass, is the fishing gear that you purchase. I will share with you exactly what fishing gear gets me the most strikes, for the low price of only $ 80. So without further ado, here are the tools of the trade, and techniques that will allow you to catch largemouth bass.

Supplies Needed

  1. Rod – Rhino Indestructible 2 (an open-face rod: approximately $ 20.00)
  2. Reel – Shakespeare (open-faced reel that has 10 ball-bearings: approximately $ 35.00)
  3. Line – Power Pro (20 lb. test, braided: approximately $ 17.00)
  4. Hook – Mister Twister Keeper r (size 5/0, a large hook for a large mouth: approximately $ 3.00)
  5. Bait – Berkeley 10 "Original Powerbait Worms (choose black, nothing gets more strikes approximately $ 5.00)


  1. Choose a promising spot that bass are most likely using for cover. For example something: a submerged tree stump, a grass line in the water.
  2. Cast the bait, and once the worm has settled to the bottom: wait. The initial splash of the worm as it hits the water will scare off the fish. However, do not worry. The fish will come back to their spot in a few minutes, approximately 3-4 minutes.
  3. If the fish does not strike right away, move your rod to the 12 o'clock in front of you, and reel up the slack, gently. You should feel the weight of the worm giving resistance, flick the rod 2-3 inches towards you, once, twice, maybe even three times, take up the slack, and repeat until you have retrieved the worm back to the rod.
  4. Fish can be picky, so cast again and try to present a more attractive meal. If you repeat technique above, and you do not catch anything move onto a different spot.
  5. Change your location, and move down the shoreline just far enough that your next cast overlaps the last shoreline cast by about a quarter of your last shore cast.
  6. Casting in a different direction, instead of casting straight ahead. Cast the line 90 degrees to right or left. It should be just parallel to the shoreline, and work all of the water back to your 12 o'clock.

Patience, patience, patience. Above all else, you need to allow the bass to be lured into the bait. Bass are a skittish species, and it takes time for them to warm up to striking a worm.

As a final thought, make sure you bring along with you the essentials: a lightweight belly / hip bag to store my gear (worms, hooks, stringer, mosquito repellent, rain poncho, and finally something to drink.

Source by Gordon Casada

Epic Winter Smallmouth Bass!! (Special Guest)

Open water smallies of the north, doesn’t get much better than that! Thanks again to the Team Yukon Outdoors boys for the continued epic adventures!

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Fishing for BIG Bass in PADS!!!

This is BY FAR my FAVORITE ways to catch bass in the summer!! I drove 2 hours to a lake I have never been to before and it was FIRE! I hope you all enjoy!

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Fishing For Bass With Jigging Lures

Often times, a bass that will not strike a plug pulled quickly by its nose will strike vertically jigged lures. Jig heads and other jigging lures, such as spoons, tailspins, and vibrating blades will take fish that ignore plugs. This is especially true in deeper water.

Lead-head jigs use many different attractors to help entice fish. These include rubber or plastic skirts, feathers, hair, or rubber worms or grubs. Another effective enticement is the use of live bait on these lures. A popular attractor used by many bass anglers is a pork jig-and-pig or jig-and-eel. Many jig-heads have weed guards made of nylon bristle. Jigs are fished vertically, bottom bounced, or retrieved in a slow, steady motion.

Jigging spoons are made of metal. Some of these spoons have an unpainted, hammered finish. Other spoons come in a variety of colors and finishes. When bass are holding tight along cliff walls or timber, these lures are a good choice. It is not unusual to use jigging spoons in water up to 50 feet deep.

Tailspins, like the name implies, have a spinner on the tail of a heavy lead body. While vertical jigging is usually how these lures are used, a steady retrieve or bottom bouncing can prove to be quite effective.

Vibrating blades are made of thin metal. The fishing line is tied to a snap and then attached to a hole in the back of the lure. Some vibrating blades have more than one hole in them to help alter the action of the lure when fished. The blade is vertically jigged or rapidly retrieved to imitate a swimming baitfish. Some anglers even troll with vibrating blades because the action imitates that of a crankbait.

When using jigging lures, it may be difficult to detect a strike. This is because bass usually strike the lure when it is sinking. Keeping a tight line will help to detect the light tap of the fish. When the strike is felt, quickly set the hook.

There are many different lures that are used to catch bass. If some of the more known ways are not working, then using jigging lures may just be the key to improving your fishing success.

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The BEST Jig for Bass Fishing – JT Kenney

Anglers ask FLW pro JT Kenney all the time, “What’s the best jig for bass fishing?” or “What’s your favorite jig?”. The answer is not so simple. What type of cover or structure are you fishing? If you want to pick the best jig, you’ll need to select the right jig for the right situation. Football jigs in the grass? Not a good choice. Swim jigs on 40ft. ledges? Maybe there’s a better choice. What’s difference does the head shape and direction of the line tie make? JT Kenney will help you choose the jig to fish for your fishing situation.

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Here are JT’s favorite jigs:
Nichols Pro Tour Football Jig –

Nichols JT’s Grass Wizard Jig –

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How to Become a Programmer?

To be a good programmer is difficult and noble. The hardest part of making real a collective vision of a software project is dealing with one's coworkers and customers. Writing computer programs is important and takes great intelligence and skill. But it is really child's play compared to everything else that a good programmer must do to make a software system that succeeds for both the customer and myriad collections for which she is partally responsible.

The main quality of a programmer is his / her thinking power. If a programmer is a good thinker, then he can make some real great programs with ease. The best program is that one which gets to its destination in simpler steps and more quickly. There could be many paths to the destiny, but you have to select the best path from it. That is the main needed quality of a programmer.

Another thing needed for a best programmer is his / her solving power. He / she should be efficient to solve confusing problems. A program may run through different stages. Some of them are may be stages which are not think by the developed programmer. On those cases, errors (bugs) may occur. So the programmer need to be think one step ahead.

Skills on mathematics also helps in programming.

To become a programmer, first you have to learn a basic program (say C) neatly. It is better to understand the concept of Object Oriented Programs (Say C ++). After learning, practice it. Make as much as programs by you, without copying any thing. Make more and more programs. Now you are approaching to the destiny: To Become A Best Programmer .

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Chatterbait Bass Fishing in the Rain – Big Bass, Rain Gear, and GoPro’s

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Rainstorms usually trigger a largemouth feeding frenzy. Sometimes it’s before the rain, sometimes it’s after, but during this video, it was while it was raining. Chatterbaits are great for fishing in high wind and noisy conditions. Get a good rain suit on and catch some big ones!


INSANE Minnesota Smallmouth Bass Fishing 2017

The wacky worm was HOT for the Minnesota Bass Fishing Opener. Watch to the end. The fish just keep on getting bigger! Enjoy!

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Small River, BIG Smallmouth! NEW PB! – LAST CAST TOUR Episode 2

Day 3 was a huge success, caught tons of quality fish and even broke my personal best smallmouth with a 19 inch river tank. Can it get any better?

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