Bass Fishing : How to Tie a Carolina Rig Fishing Line

Tying a Carolina rig, which is used to fish on the bottom, means using a bead to protect the knot after letting the weight slide up and down the line. Discover how Carolina rigs are good for finding structures on the bottom with help from a professional bass fisherman in this free video on Carolina rig fishing line.

Expert: Ron Colby
Bio: Ron Colby is a professional bass fisherman, has qualified for the Bass Master Classic and has won two B.A.S.S. Western Divisionals.
Filmmaker: Mike Phillips


29 thoughts on “Bass Fishing : How to Tie a Carolina Rig Fishing Line

  1. I am a beginner fisherman. Could someone clear this up for me… When you skin hook the worm to make it weedless as he just showed, are we solely banking on/relying upon the fish to bite down in front of the point of the hook? Or relative to that question, is it possible to pull hard enough to rip through the top of the worm and set the hook even if the fish does not apply pressure to that area of the worm? It seems to me that if the fish did not apply pressure to that area of the worm that when you pull to set the hook that the hook would just go further into the worm and yank right through the fish's mouth. I'm not sure if I explained myself clearly enough but I was hoping maybe some of you experienced fisherman out there understand what I'm getting at and can give me some free info on the subject. Maybe a hypothetical response such as, "yes, that is a realistic concern, but it's best to hook weedless than to gain a slightly better hook/not hook ratio," or something of sorts. Thanks.

  2. @Navyisgreat476 yes you can however, most Cali piers are so high UP that you use a lot of line and sometimes it's a bit tricky with all the waves moving your rig around. You can use a 1-2 oz. triangle or egg sinker as you feel around the bottom. But for the most part most of what you'll find around some piers at least at in SoCal the bottom is usually sandy. The other place I know is South Pacific beach in San Diego that has kelp beds around the pier.

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