Yamamoto Senko worms, Reviewed

Yamamoto Senko Worms, Reviewed

Randman Reviews the Yamamoto Senko Worms

Yamamoto Senko worms

by South Bend Sporting Goods

The beauty of the Senko is in it’s simplicity

Yamamoto Senko worms, Reviewed. The Yamamoto Senko may just look like a thick round plastic worm but the fall rate created from the large amount of salt impregnated drives fish mad

When rigged weightless the Yamamoto Senko falls horizontally with a seductive side to side tail action

The Yamamoto Senko has quickly become a favorite with anglers all over the world

Try rigging this bait Wacky style or Texas rigged and experience the versatility the Yamamoto Senko provides

Also, some anglers are having great success rigging the bait on a football head jig which presents a more ‘vertical’ look than when rigged weightless.

The Yamamoto Senko is available in dozens of colors;

My favorite colors are, in order of effectiveness are;

Yamamoto Senko worms, Reviewed

My favorite way to rig is centered ‘Wacky Style’, weightless or with a light weighted 02 or 03 hook only.

Or, Texas Style Rigged, sometimes they want it just rigged the standard ‘Tex posed’ style. Yamamoto Senko worms, Reviewed

Yamamoto Senko worms, Reviewed

Yamamoto Senko worms, Reviewed

I fish my Senko worms on 10 to 12 lb floro carbon, on a 6.5 foot light spinning reel/rod combo and make sure my drag is set just right.


Go out and fish this when the fish aren’t exactly chasing baits and you’ll be able to put some keepers in the boat.

Yamamoto Senko worms, Reviewed

Tight Lines,

Randy (Randman) Yancey, Bass Fishing Fool.

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