The Right Yamaha Electric Bass Guitar for You

Finding the right bass guitar can be tricky, especially if you're a beginner, this article is intended to provide some guidance to newbie's for purchasing their first bass guitar. Yamaha make some of the best instruments in the world and sell them at bargain prices, in the next few paragraphs I'm going to refer you to a few Yamaha bass guitars that might be just the thing for you.

First up is the RBX170 4-String Yamaha electric bass, although the manufacturer's entry level model this instrument provides some serious sound for your money. Yamaha RBX models are famous for producing really clear notes which can be use to create very pronounced bass; the single-coil pickups found on this bass really go along way. If you purchase this instrument from an online retailer it will set you back around £ 139, which you really can notgue with when you look at what you're getting, the wide-cutaway contours make this Yamaha bass guitar really comfortable to play .

If you've got a little bit more cash to spend then you may want to take a look at the Yamaha RBX 374 Electric bass, at £ 269 this is a rather more expensive instrument but this is more than made up for by its astounding versatility . The pickups are equipped with a 2 band active Q and bending spot which allows the player to toggle between a variety of different tones; in fact I'd be surprised if Yamaha bass guitar did not have a tone suitable for every musical style.

Many of you may raise your eye brows when I suggest looking at a Yamaha 5-string bass, the instrument is harmonious with heavy metal and rock music and will not even be considered by most bassists, however the Yamaha RBX 375 5-String is different and I'll show you why. The RBX pickups accompanying this instrument are great for playing anything from country music to 70's funk; it is a hugely versatile bass which looks great as well. Having said this, this instrument is capable of producing some huge sounds, its pickups are actually specially designed to be played at volume and reduce fret buzz, if you're into your heavy metal this Yamaha bass guitar is definitely worth a look.

Source by Edward Cottam

Summer Bass Fishing Tips from Hank Parker | Bass Fishing

Summer bass fishing can be tough. But if you follow Hank Parker’s advice on finding and catching summer bass, you’ll have a better fishing day.

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Ice Fishing SMALLMOUTH Bass!?!? (Rods Thrown)

Smallies through the Ice is a battle I won’t soon forget!! Thanks again for the support guys!

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How to Become an Action Person

There are essentially two kinds of people in the world, doers and non-doers. Doers do and then, get things done; whereas non-doers never do much more than think about doing and then rarely, if ever, get anything done. Those who get things done get what they want, while those who do not, well, quite simply, do not. Here's how to become an action person, a doer who gets things done and gets what you want.

More often than not, although it may not always look so to the casual observer, action people are highly organized. They appear to move almost effortlessly from one task to the next without missing a beat and, at day's end, usually have more energy than when they started because of the momentum they built up over the course of the day.

Non-action people, on the other hand, are usually highly disorganized. They spend their entire day stumbling around from one thing to another, without purpose, and, as a result, come day's end, are totally exhausted and clueless as to where their day went. Equating busyness with accomplishment, they often think they're getting things done, when, in truth, they're not, at least not anything of significant importance.

The essential key to becoming an action person is organization and the quickest and easiest way to get yourself organized for action, whether it's at home or work, is to make yourself a short, simple, prioritized to-do list on a daily basis for the following day. The operative key words here being short, simple, and prioritized.

Keep it short by limiting yourself to just a couple of tasks you'll feel good about having accomplished. Keep it simple by choosing tasks that can be done in a reliably brief period of time. Prioritize it by asking yourself which of the items on your list you'll feel best about having accomplished and making that the first item on your list.

Personally, as a general rule, I limit my daily to-do lists to two (max!), Vision-critical tasks, things that are absolutely vital to getting what I want, and I prefer tasks on my daily to-do lists to be things I can accomplish in just a matter of minutes.

When your allotted time to take action comes, whether it be home or work, start with the first item on your to-do list, your highest priority task for the day, and stay on it, to the exclusion of all else, until it's done and done well. After it is, cross it off your list and take a moment to savor the feelings of accomplishment, power, and satisfaction that come from doing so.

Then, if there is one, move on to the next item on your list and do the same. If, after finishing it, you have more time left, either give yourself some time off and go do something you like as a reward, or add another high-priority task to your list for the day.

I've often started the day with just one or two high-priority, vision critical tasks on my daily to-do list, yet accomplished twenty or thirty of them during my allotted time with energy to spare, because of the built-up momentum … and so will you!

Follow these simple instructions every day and you'll soon find yourself becoming an action person, a doer who gets things done and gets what you want.

Source by Tony Mase

BASS PRO SHOPS – Tackle Shopping (VLOG)

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Spoon Bass Fishing Tips – How to Fish a Spoon for Winter Largemouth Bass – Vertical Jigging Tips

A jigging spoon is a great lure for largemouth bass fishing. In this winter bass fishing tips video, Lake Fork Guide Stephen Fatherree, gives tips for catching bass in deep water vertically fishing a spoon. Learn how to fish a spoon and what tackle is best for this bass fishing technique.


Smallmouth Bass Fishing on Mille Lacs

Smallmouth bass fishing on Mille Lacs! Fishing for smallmouth bass on Mille Lacs is absolutely amazing. Mille Lacs is on of the best smallmouth fisheries in the world. Join me, Joshua John Wells, of Minnesota Outdoor Journal for another epic adventure. I will teach you tips and tricks to catching more fish. Lures, locations, and more! Catching these world class smallmouth is something we all need to experience. This is an astonishing resource that needs our protecting. Mille Lacs lake is just one of 10,000 reasons I truly love Minnesota. Smallmouth bass are an anglers dream fish. They fight and give you everything they got, And then some! King of the rocks! For more great experiences and adventures check out Minnesota Outdoor Journal. Tight lines!


Colors You Should Never Have In Your Tackle Box

I have been fishing with an old friend laately named Joe. I have known him since he was born 38 years ago, 39 tomorrow. Happy Birthday Joe!

We have been fishing at a lake I love to fish, mainly because of the big bass there. If you're a Bass Fishing Newsletter Subscriber, you know where I'm talking about. Any, if you look in most peoples tackle boxes you will find normal color lures like grape, black, brown, purple, and the normal colors for lures.
Joe is a different story ……

When you look in Joe's tackle box you see some of the ugliest lures you have ever seen. Lures like a bright green tube that you almost need sunglasses to look at it. Or his green frog that is so far from any color of a frog that you wonder where he got it and why anyone would purchase that color to begin with to fish for bass.

So, what is my point? Well, he catches bass on these darn lures. I mean I would not even want people to know I even have them in my tackle box but he is proud as he can be of them and uses them regularly and catches fish with them. I have to start asking myself if maybe I should invest in a few of them. They go against everything I have ever read about choosing a color to fish in stained water. He has worn bass with them on sunny days, cloudy days and days when it was raining.

The first time he used them and hooked two bass, I thought it was just luck. Well, then he caught two more bass tonight on them while I did not even have a good strike, using the normal colored lures most bass fishermen use. Not some fluorescent bright green things like he uses.

Ok, now if you read most articles about fishing stained water, you will read to use dark colored lures like black and grape because the dark colors in stained water show up better. I might have to change my perception on this if he continues to catch fish the way he does on those bright fluorescent colors.

Well, I was informed tonight, he has a lure that he made and he has never seen another lure like it anywhere. I can barely wait to see this thing. I bet it is bright pink or something. He also tells me he has worn bass on it. If this lure come out to be another fluorescent bright color like he has been using and catches bass, I am going to tell him the new rules are that he can not use them anymore when we fish together because the colors embarrass me when people see them ..

So, you might be asking yourself …. what is the point in this post? I am going to tell you here and now. Just because you have never read about a pro using a different color lure does not mean it is not going to work and catch bass. If nothing else, Joe has made me a believer in that statement. Just because you have never seen a color in another humans tackle box does not mean it is not any good.

I am going to start buying bright colored lures like I would have never dreamed of owning before this year fishing with Joe. Then when someone laughs at me and makes statements to me, like I did Joe and I drag in the bass using it, they will probably be buying these stupid bright fluorescent colors too.

The last thing he said to me tonight after his usual bragging (the rare times he catches more fish than me) was "Hey, maybe you should get your newsletter and read some of the articles there."

Happy Birthday Joe …. maybe I let you catch the most bass because it's your birthday tomorrow ….. maybe not.

Source by Charles E. White

Fairport Fish Hatchery stocks 70,000 largemouth bass at Saylorville Lake

How Iowa DNR purifies transport water to stop invasive species transfer. Click link to view my “Best and Worst snap swivels” video:

An interview with an Iowa State Graduate on going into Fish and Wildlife Conservation.
Angling for Free Fishing Videos? Here is a video on Fishing Tips and Tricks, I do video on many species such as Catfish, Walleye, Muskie, Northern, Panfish, Salmon to include most freshwater and some saltwater fish. Information good from Fishing Pro to Novice angler will like this instruction where you can Discover Fishing when you are on the hunt for big fish. I will be talking about Fish, Fishing, Outdoors, lures, boats, motors, rods, reels, Bass, Boating, and wildlife.


Crankbaits At Night?

Norm (Doc) Klayman introduced me to night fishing with worms and jigs and black lights on Bull Shoals Lake back in the 1980s. It is still my favorite way to beguile bass when the rest of the normal world is sleeping, but it isn’t the only way to fish at night.

In fact, just about every type of bait used during the day has its night time devotees-except crankbaits.

I’m not particularly fond of crankbait fishing in general, but I do love night fishing and experimenting with different baits and techniques, so a few years ago I got to wondering why not crankbaits?

Since bass have little trouble spotting a dark worm slithering through the ebony depths at night, surely they can see a crankbait wiggling and bumping about. If buzzbaits speeding across the surface bring bass up at night, surely the average crankbait doesn’t move too fast?

A lot of people use spinnerbaits at night too. Why do crankbaits seem to be about the only bait type allowed to rest? Why is it one can easily find black versions of every bait type, except crankbaits?

Maybe there was a practical reason for the crankbait’s exclusion from the dark hours. I started asking other night fishermen if they’d ever tried crankbaits at night. The common answers were: “I just never thought of it,” or “I’ve just never tried it.”

Not one fisherman gave me a practical reason, so off into the night I went with hard baits attached.

If you’ve just never thought of it, or you’ve just never tried it, maybe you should. Bass most definitely will hit crankbaits at night-big bass.

My favorite method is to fish big, deep-diving crankbaits in relatively shallow water. It is a method I learned from David Fritz one day on Kentucky Lake many years ago. I retrieve them very slowly with frequent, short pauses. I’m constantly bumping bottom with this retrieve, and I only pause a second or two, but it takes almost as long to complete a retrieve and make another cast as it does with a worm.

The strikes come during the short pauses, on a slack line, so you’ve got to pay attention. Sometimes all I feel is a tick or a bump similar to a worm bite. Sometimes the line just goes completely slack. Quite often, however, I get this slight wiggling sensation. It’s weird: unlike any other bite.

Now, I’ll admit this is my favorite way to fish crankbaits at night because I’m basically a finesse fisherman. I find simply casting something out and cranking it back a bit boring and far too much work for someone who fishes all the time. But it is far from the only crankbait method that will work at night.

After using big crankbaits at night for a few months, I mentioned it to Dave Stewart, who is probably the best bass guide on Kentucky Lake.

“Funny you should mention that,” he said. “I haven’t used crankbaits at night since I moved here, but I used to win a lot of night tournament with crankbaits when I lived in Frankfort, KY. I didn’t throw big ones, though. Won every tournament throwing a #7, black/silver Shadrap on shallow points. But I had it digging bottom as much as possible.”

Dave said most of his strikes were hard, but I assume that was because he was using a smaller bait that must be retrieved faster to dig bottom. Whether you’re fishing during the day or at night, all crankbaits work better if they’re digging bottom.

Recently I read a report of other Kentucky Lake fishermen catching big smallmouth on the pea gravel points and main lake banks at night with Magnum Wiggle Warts in crawfish patterns. Obviously, a few other fishermen have been asking themselves “why not crankbaits at night.” No telling were it might lead or what it might produce.

The possibilities of crankbait choices and techniques for night fishing at this point are only limited by the imagination of fishermen. It is things like these that keep bass fishermen coming back with renewed enthusiasm, decade after decade. It is, above all else, a thinking man’s sport.

Now I’m wondering if anyone has ever tried suspended jerkbaits at night?

Source by Ron Kruger

Fishing Planet Missouri Guide – How to Catch Largemouth Bass in Missouri – Fishing Planet Gameplay

Fishing Planet Missouri Guide – How to Catch Largemouth Bass in Missouri

Tawok shows you how to slam the Largemouth Bass in Missouri.


* Casting Rod, use up to 6lb test
* Silver Spoon, 1/6oz, 1/4oz, or 1/3oz. The bigger the lure the bigger the fish
* FLOAT – Use Crickets (level 12) or grasshoppers (GOLD lvl 5). Aim along the left weed line
* Cast along the left weed line
* Lift and Drop or Twitch retrieve

Area: Last Songs of Summer

Make sure you check your charts (blue graph on the left) to ensure you’re fishing at peak time for non unique fish

How to Catch Largemouth Bass guide:
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Fishing Planet How to Catch Largemouth Bass
Fishing Planet How to Catch Bass Missouri
Fishing Planet Missouri Guide
Fishing Planet Lure fishing


What Is the Best Speed ​​for Offshore Trolling?

This is a question often alerted by anglers new to trolling and even some veterans as well. You may have found yourself in the offshore section of your local tackle shop confused at all the different trolling lures available and wondering how the makers expect you to pull them. The truth is, there is no "best speed" to troll, it all depends on the situation and the baits you pull. I have broken down the different categories of speeds and what they are best for.

The first is 0-4 knots called bump trolling. This is not really as much of trolling as much as it is giving a live bait direction to swim. Live bait is a necessity for this style and this style of trolling is specifically for it. This can be used for cigar minnows or menhaden for kings, live hard tails for yellowfin, or even with football tuna or skipjack for marlin.

Pro: No lure consistently out fishes live bait, so if you know exactly where the fish are this can be the best tactic.

Con: If you are not sure where the fish are stagnated, the slow speed hinders you from covering water. You may only cover a small amount of water by the end of the day.

The next would be 3-8 knots depending on conditions and rigs. This is the zone where trolling dead bait can be deadly. Usually offshore this is done with ballyhoo. Naked ballyhoo can be deadly, but most mix up their spread of ballyhoo with some chugger heads, islanders, sea witches, or dusters. This is also a good speed for hard baits. Make sure you have a wahoo bait in the spread, which at this speed should be a billed diving lure such as a stretch 30. A planer can help as well when matched with a large spoon or islander with a strip bait.

Pro: This covers more water than live bait, and presents baits naturally without a ton of prop wash.

Now my personal favorite is lure speed of Hawaiian style lures such as Black Bart or other lures. This speed varies between usually 5-11 knots and most is done between 6-9 knots. It is possible to pull islander and ballyhoo combos the same speed sometimes but I would not recommend it. Typically these lures need more speed and it is better to simply choose a style instead of mixing. However, theventions Nitta Fishing Innovations have made are changing the game at these speeds. Now you can troll ballyhoo and other dead baits this fast and them not wash out. As for the lures, the head action is the key to the bight. Get it right and its magic. If you do run a wahoo bait in this spread this is where a Marauder or a Yo-Zuri Bonito shines above a billed bait at higher speeds.

Pro: Covers water the best of techniques. It's like pre-fishing a bass tournament, you cover water until you find the fish.

Con: Moving this fast it can be challenging to pick apart a productive area.

The last speed is high speed wahoo fishing. This is done between 10-22 knots normally. This is often rigged with a wire rigged wahoo weight followed by a 30 foot shock leader of at least 300 pound mono followed by a trolling lure built for speed. These lures are often cylindrical and hydro dynamic. One of the best are the new Black Bart Metal Heads. I also recommend the Yozuri Bonito behind a lighter wahoo weight. The best time to high speed is from the first light to when the sun comes up or the last hours of light in the evening. However, you can high speed between spots as well.

Pro: This speed covers a ton of water and excites the speedy wahoo.

Con: It burns a lot of gas.

Source by Evan Taylor

Making MONEY Bass Fishing

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Fall Topwater Bass Fishing — How To

Test your topwater skills this fall and throw a propbait. Although the probait may not get as much attention as it should that does not mean these little floating lures can’t catch big fish. Hope you learned a few tips about topwater fishing and fall fishing in general and be sure to check out some of the social media sites below!

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Different Types of Bass Fishing Lures

The trickiest thing about fishing is trying to decide what lure to put on your line. Some lures are going to do well and others are going to not do so well. The problem with this though is that not all lures work for the same type of fish. This will complicate things even more if you are new to fishing.

In this article I am going to talk about fishing for Bass, and what types of lures you should pay attention too. After you are done reading it you should have a good idea what works good for Bass fishing and what does not work so well.


The first type of lure that I am going to talk about is the Worm. This type of lure pretty much works good overall. It is fairly ideal for Bass Fishing and should be a starting point.

You will need to decide whether you are going to go with live bait or fake plastic bait instead. Each has its own qualities, but it will depend on what the fish are feeling for at the time. Just be sure to try out both of them before you make any final conclusions.

Crank Bait

Crank Baits are another type of lure that works fairly well. This type of lure is designed to look very lively and real to the Bass. This makes it very effective when used properly.

Try to use these more often in medium depth waters. You can try them out in shallow waters but they usually do not work as well. Avoid them in deep waters as they usually do not work at all there.

Topwater Lure

The Topwater Lure is the last one that I am going to go over here. These lures work the best in shallow waters. They basically sit at the top of the water and act like a bug floating on the surface.

Try using this type of lure in a large weed patch.

Hopefully these quick tipsave you a pretty good idea on what you can use next time you go on your fishing trip.

Source by Rob Ganion

FOX Sports Outdoors SouthEAST #35 – 2017 Dale Hollow Lake Tennessee Smallmouth Bass Fishing

This week’s show is guest hosted by Insider Reporter Crispin Powley and features lots of smallmouth bass action from Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee. See lots more great fishing news and info at our web site at


How to Become an Expert in Magic Tricks

Becoming an expert in magic tricks is easy as the steps leading to it are equally easy to follow. Magic tricks are performed by people like you and me. Hours of practice in front of the mirror if possible can make you an expert in magic tricks. Nowadays, even professional magic gurus from which famous magicians have learned their trade have come up with the magic tricks online. Now, you too can become an expert in magic tricks by following easy to follow steps.

Earlier, the same gurus had imparted their knowledge to wannabe professional magicians in consideration for a fortune. But now they are offering the magic secrets almost free of cost. And the advantage you have now in becoming an expert is the way they are offering the tips. The tips are short cut routes and not the complex formulas used by pros like David Blaine and Chris Angel for street magic shows.

You can become an expert very soon if you follow the easy to follow steps that are short cuts. And short cut courses are easy to follow rather than complex steps. You can become an expert in magic tricks as you get to learn the killer tricks from them. They actually kill the likes of famous magicians by exposing their magic secrets to you. You learn magic mentalism, levitating people, coin disappearance and tricks, card tricks and much more.

These took years for pros to learn and now you can become an expert in magic tricks as you get to know by the stripped down version. None of the earlier generation magicians had the opportunity of gurus coming out with magic secrets and making it available for a song.

Becoming an expert in magic tricks involves lots of practice and the ability to read people's minds. If a 12 year old can learn online the same tricks that you are planning to learn, then there is no reason why you can not become an expert. When you can learn how to think and perform like a pro, becoming an expert in magic tricks is not at all difficult.

Source by Subin Han

Catching Australian Bass on hardbody lures | We Flick Lure Fishing Videos

Lure fishing for big Australian Bass in the wild rivers of New South Wales with Chris Villani from We Flick Fishing.
Watch and learn tips and techniques for catching fish using hardbody Lures – Ecogear SX48 Premium Hardbait

Australian Online Lure Tackle Shop-

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SMALLMOUTH Bass Through The ICE!!!

*Giveaway Winner Announced After January 17th*

Adam and Will met up with our buddies Joel and Jeff to get on a really unique bite in Northern Minnesota, SMALLMOUTH BASS! Let us know what you think of this sweet bite.

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How to Become A Good Public Speaker

You should learn to become a good public speaker. It will help you become successful. Though most people don’t get the opportunity to speak publicly, many successful people have to speak in front of live audiences. You must learn to speak publicly if you aim to become successful.

You can learn a lot by observing public speakers on a podium. They are able to cast a spell on the audiences with their effective talk. It’s magical. They are able to influence the audiences the way they want.

To be able to speak well you should try to understand your audience well. Your speech should be prepared keeping in view the taste of your audiences. Different kinds of audiences have different needs and that should be kept in mind. All kinds of speeches do not suit all audiences. For example, if you are speaking to college students, office colleagues or industry experts then your speech should to be tailored according to the needs of the audiences.

A good speech can’t be delivered if the content of the speech is not up to the mark. You must prepare the speech well and make it full of facts and amazing insight. Most of people are not interested in facts only. You must give some new insight to the audiences. Only then the speech will be memorable.

If you keep making speeches that are just a list of facts then it would be boring for audiences and no one will like to listen to you. It’s a fact that most public speakers are bad. Many of them make audiences sleep in their seats. Avoid being one of them. Become an interesting speaker by engaging audiences emotionally. Engage, enlighten and move them. Unless you provoke the audiences into taking an action it’s a useless speech.

Most good speeches tell a story to the audiences. There is something amazing about a story, as it can engage an audience emotionally and move people to take an action. On the other hand, just mentioning facts can make audiences lose interest in your speech.

Most effective speakers know how to tell a story to audiences and communicate their thoughts and message across easily. Researchers have proved that humans love stories. If a story is told to communicate a message it is accepted easily by audiences.

Audiences are humans who are as emotional as you are. The fact is that people tend to remember emotional messages for a longer period than mere facts. So, you should try to make your speech emotional.

Even when you mention facts add emotional factors to make it engaging. The fact is that during your speech people are not concerned about what you are saying. They are concerned only about how you make them feel.

Source by Nisha Mishra

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