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Summer bass fishing can be tough. But if you follow Hank Parker’s advice on finding and catching summer bass, you’ll have a better fishing day.

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Ice Fishing SMALLMOUTH Bass!?!? (Rods Thrown)

Smallies through the Ice is a battle I won’t soon forget!! Thanks again for the support guys!

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BASS PRO SHOPS – Tackle Shopping (VLOG)

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Spoon Bass Fishing Tips – How to Fish a Spoon for Winter Largemouth Bass – Vertical Jigging Tips

A jigging spoon is a great lure for largemouth bass fishing. In this winter bass fishing tips video, Lake Fork Guide Stephen Fatherree, gives tips for catching bass in deep water vertically fishing a spoon. Learn how to fish a spoon and what tackle is best for this bass fishing technique.


Smallmouth Bass Fishing on Mille Lacs

Smallmouth bass fishing on Mille Lacs! Fishing for smallmouth bass on Mille Lacs is absolutely amazing. Mille Lacs is on of the best smallmouth fisheries in the world. Join me, Joshua John Wells, of Minnesota Outdoor Journal for another epic adventure. I will teach you tips and tricks to catching more fish. Lures, locations, and more! Catching these world class smallmouth is something we all need to experience. This is an astonishing resource that needs our protecting. Mille Lacs lake is just one of 10,000 reasons I truly love Minnesota. Smallmouth bass are an anglers dream fish. They fight and give you everything they got, And then some! King of the rocks! For more great experiences and adventures check out Minnesota Outdoor Journal. Tight lines!


Fairport Fish Hatchery stocks 70,000 largemouth bass at Saylorville Lake

How Iowa DNR purifies transport water to stop invasive species transfer. Click link to view my “Best and Worst snap swivels” video:

An interview with an Iowa State Graduate on going into Fish and Wildlife Conservation.
Angling for Free Fishing Videos? Here is a video on Fishing Tips and Tricks, I do video on many species such as Catfish, Walleye, Muskie, Northern, Panfish, Salmon to include most freshwater and some saltwater fish. Information good from Fishing Pro to Novice angler will like this instruction where you can Discover Fishing when you are on the hunt for big fish. I will be talking about Fish, Fishing, Outdoors, lures, boats, motors, rods, reels, Bass, Boating, and wildlife.


Fishing Planet Missouri Guide – How to Catch Largemouth Bass in Missouri – Fishing Planet Gameplay

Fishing Planet Missouri Guide – How to Catch Largemouth Bass in Missouri

Tawok shows you how to slam the Largemouth Bass in Missouri.


* Casting Rod, use up to 6lb test
* Silver Spoon, 1/6oz, 1/4oz, or 1/3oz. The bigger the lure the bigger the fish
* FLOAT – Use Crickets (level 12) or grasshoppers (GOLD lvl 5). Aim along the left weed line
* Cast along the left weed line
* Lift and Drop or Twitch retrieve

Area: Last Songs of Summer

Make sure you check your charts (blue graph on the left) to ensure you’re fishing at peak time for non unique fish

How to Catch Largemouth Bass guide:
Fishing Planet Review:
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Fishing Planet How to Catch Largemouth Bass
Fishing Planet How to Catch Bass Missouri
Fishing Planet Missouri Guide
Fishing Planet Lure fishing


Making MONEY Bass Fishing

Such a fun day with a ton of fish!
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Fall Topwater Bass Fishing — How To

Test your topwater skills this fall and throw a propbait. Although the probait may not get as much attention as it should that does not mean these little floating lures can’t catch big fish. Hope you learned a few tips about topwater fishing and fall fishing in general and be sure to check out some of the social media sites below!

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FOX Sports Outdoors SouthEAST #35 – 2017 Dale Hollow Lake Tennessee Smallmouth Bass Fishing

This week’s show is guest hosted by Insider Reporter Crispin Powley and features lots of smallmouth bass action from Dale Hollow Lake in Tennessee. See lots more great fishing news and info at our web site at


Catching Australian Bass on hardbody lures | We Flick Lure Fishing Videos

Lure fishing for big Australian Bass in the wild rivers of New South Wales with Chris Villani from We Flick Fishing.
Watch and learn tips and techniques for catching fish using hardbody Lures – Ecogear SX48 Premium Hardbait

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SMALLMOUTH Bass Through The ICE!!!

*Giveaway Winner Announced After January 17th*

Adam and Will met up with our buddies Joel and Jeff to get on a really unique bite in Northern Minnesota, SMALLMOUTH BASS! Let us know what you think of this sweet bite.

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Bass Fishing Tournament ~ Big Bass & Tips and Tricks ! (Commentating Fishing)

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Fishing in GRASS To Catch MORE BASS!!

Another FUN trip to Florida leads to some big bass coming out of hydra! It was another fun stop catching these fish from 9-16ft of water!
I hope you guys enjoy as much as I had filming and making this video!
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OVERLOOKED Drop Shot Rigging and Fishing Tips

There’s so many factors contributing to a successful drop shot presentation, with leader length critical among them yet still overlooked and under-analyzed. Elite Series pro Gary Klein explains the importance of rate of fall, which is directly tied to drop shot weight, and lure fall duration – the time it takes for the lure to reach bottom after the weight does. Some days the fish like it short, others, a long fall gets more bites. Klein explains another interesting point pertaining to tungsten drop shot weight shine and fish triggering (you need to hear this).

As a general rule of thumb, a long leader is better fit for fishing in grass and when fish are more tentative (longer fall period), whereas a short leader is beneficial for fish keying in on bottom forage.

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Albert = savage of the year.

I caught Albert about a month ago. I made a video on it.
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Winter Bass Fishing Tips, Top Baits, And Lure Modifications!

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For most of the country winter means cold temperatures, cold water, and cold fish. The combination of these conditions can often make for a very tough bite that makes anglers throw strictly slow moving bottom baits. Yes, slow moving baits do work, but they can also sometimes lead anglers to miss out on a good bite on moving baits. Deeper diving crankbaits, scrounger heads, and blade baits all have tight wobbling actions that are perfect for catching cold, winter bass. Target deep rock banks and other hard structure in deep water to maximize your chances at connecting with a nice fish this winter on these baits. These winter bass fishing techniques are each unique and especially effective in cold water, so make sure to get a hold of some this winter to catch more bass.

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Bass Fishing – How to Fish a Football Jig – ALL THE TIPS AND TECHNIQUES

Bass Fishing with Football Jigs can be intimidating to a lot of bass fishermen. From Pre Spawn to Post Spawn it catches big bass. Here are the tips and techniques that will help you learn how to fish the football jig and catch more bass.

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Catching Huge Smallmouth Bass on Lettuce…..

I said lettuce a lot… yeah I got pretty excited…
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