Fishing Tips For All 3 Phases Of The Bass Spawn With LFG!

The bass spawn is one of the pillars of bass fishing and it comes in 3 phases. Prespawn, spawn, and postspawn. Understanding when bass will spawn in your area can help you key in on their patterns for months. Prespawn bass fishing is electric, one of the most fun times to be on the water all year long. Fishing during the spawn can be incredibly exciting as you sight fish for territorial bass on beds. Post spawn bass fishing can be a tougher task than the previous two phases of the bass spawn but can still reap major rewards.

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How To Download Free Wii Games

Nowadays, there are all sorts of free download available over the internet. Entertainment media like games, movies, music and TV shows are the most popular. Done properly, they benefit both the providers and consumers in the long run. In the case of Nintendo, it saves the Wii gamers heaps if they know How to Download Free Wii Games online.

Strictly speaking, straight FOC (free-of-charge) Nintendo Wii game download is not a norm. Why should Nintendo let them be? Given its immense popularity, the games are the core money-spinners of the moment for them. As a matter of fact, they apply full intellectual property protection on their Wii games. So is there now still a way on How to Download Free Wii Games online? You bet!

Yes, there are still Nintendo Wii games that are absolutely free to be found on the net. Then again, it’s better to steer clear of them as they are likely to be illegal, of sub-standard quality and laden with virus and malware. Others would require soft installation and even hard modification to the extent that unless you’re into technology rather than video gaming, you’ll burn out in the pursuit.

Without re-inventing the wheel, the ready-made solution to How to Download Free Wii Games is membership sites which give a lifetime of unlimited free access of all kinds of media including video games. Although the download of Wii games is free at such sites, a one-time joining fee is required. However, competition is keen so the amount is usually very reasonable.

Even for those who are only occasional gamers or where only a few games in particular are sought, downloading Wii games is still viable. There is a per-download online option at only a fraction of the cost of the discs from the game stores. But by and large, Wii fanciers go on for more after a while even if they started out lukewarm and quite typically upgrade to unlimited access membership in due course.

It is easy to find Wii Download Services on the internet but this is where one needs to tread with caution. In the haste onto the bandwagon of this hugely popular service, many contenders have run ahead of themselves, thus falling short on commitments to their subscribed members. Worse still, some are just out to pull a fast one on those who are not wise to such tactics. In truth, there are but only a precious few of them who are worth their salt.

No need to despair, a few simple tips will set you safely on How to Download Free Wii Games. Find a provider which offers full money-back guarantee with no questions asked, software, tools and accessories with no extra charge, all media including games, movies, music and TV shows and 24/7 support and service, and you are then on the right track. If it’s also powered by secure retailers such as Clickbank, you are in safe hands.

Source by Billy Jean

How to Play the Bass Guitar Starting Today

Learning to play a new instrument, especially the bass guitar, can be a very rewarding, life long hobby. It can even become a lucrative and exciting career.

Many of us have dreams of standing on stage, looking out into a crowd of adoring faces as we play our bass guitar. That is great. This is one of the many reasons that many people pick up the bass to begin with. The truth of the matter is that you do not have to wait years to become a master of the 4 string to enjoy your new found talent.

If you want to learn to play bass, it can be done in as little as a few minutes every day (though many would prefer to play for hours). The bass guitar is perfect for anything from keeping a simple rhythm to creating spectacular and haunting solos. While the complexity of the musical feats that can be performed is simply amazing, you do not have to be Cliff Burton, Paul McCartney, or John Paul Jones to begin playing the bass guitar at performance level. It is in fact, one of the simplest instruments to begin playing. Not only that, there are varied musical styles to choose from as an entry point. Rock and roll, funk, country, classical, and jazz are just some of the many musical categories that incorporated the bass guitar into their sound. So no matter what your musical taste (or the favorite of those you play for), your favorite genre is sure to use the 4 string.

Millions of people every year decide that they are going to learn to play a new musical instrument. Be one of the thousands that follow through on their dream and set away a few minutes (of or a few hours) of the day and begin enjoying one of the most rewarding past-times ever invented by man, learn how to play the bass guitar today and you will not look back.

Source by Tom Boyd

Fishing for the Tennessee State Record Bass!

World Record Fishing – On our way to the FLW Tournament, we decided to stop in Tennessee to fish with Gabe Keen, the Tennessee State Record Holder (Aka Mr. 15lb 3oz.) Enjoy the Video!

For every 5,000 likes we get on this video we will pick a lucky winner from our subscriber list.

Thanks for watching and drop us a comment to let me know what you think of the new videos and if you have some suggestions for new videos.

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SECRET Bass Fishing Frog Tips EVERY Angler Needs to KNOW!

If you’re going bass fishing with a frog, then you’ll want to learn all the secrets that professional frog angler Fred Roumbanis shares his secrets & tips in this “how to fish a frog” bass fishing instructional video and demonstration video. Fred talks about fishing his new Boom Boom Frog ( and some of the features that help you catch more bass, particularly if you lose fish often on topwater toads. Learn how to catch bass with this hollow-body frog with a master of the technique. This is a preview video of a full 35-minute seminar available to PRO subscribers at

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2017 College BassMaster National Championship (Fishing Tournament)

I would like to start off by saying, thank you guys so much for supporting me throughout my journy and passion. You all mean so much to me and I would LOVE to hear your feedback below. Also PLEASE share this with your friends! Also drop a LIKE, COMMENT below, and SUBSCRIBE for more bass fishing videos! Thanks for watching “Fishing The 2017 College BassMaster National Championship (The Series)”. Big shoutout to Sam Moore for the SICK drone footage!!


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Best Bass Lures And Fishing Techniques: Why And Where?

First off, Bass fishing is officially listed as a sport. But is it a sport? What is it to you? Obviously you are reading this because bass fishing means something to you and you are looking to improve your game. Well, bass-fishing is something you'll either love or hate, sitting for hours on the banks of a river, pond or lake catching nothing or raking them in one after another

For those of us who are enjoy the sport and want to excel in it, do the best we can and get the fish into the bag … or throw them back in for next season … there is always another limit to be reached and overcome, another lure to make or buy, another rod or reel that may or may not give us that little extra edge over those elusive bass we can not see until they are landed. Bass Lures are the defining point in something that you can make yourself, unlike a hook or line, reel or spinner, or live bait (one of my favorites!). Can fish (Bass) see color? What color do they go for if they can?

Well, a lure represents an insect or water-creature of some sort and is invited to get the attention of the bass and stimulate his eating response, and this tells us what the fish can or can not see and with a little more information we can design and construct lure that really do work … or buy them More than this, the lure on own own will not catch the fish for you. You need to know where to go and when. What time of day, what weather conditions, should the sun be in front or behind you? How far should you cast or exactly where will the fish be hiding?

These are questions we need answers to and believe it or not, this is a science and there are answers. Fish are not creative, so they can not plan and scheme ways to elude you, this means that their behavior is knowable and predictable. Therefore you can work out with a good degree of accuracy where, when, how, what etc. And the answers are readily available

For years I have been going bass fishing in a mountain river in a part of the country we call the Karoo, it is a vast semi-desert area where you would least expect to find any water at-all let alone a river. The camp area is situated inn a large hollow in the terrain and is invisible until you are right there, beautiful and peaceful, full of birdsong … and wild. At the camp the river slows down and dams up a bit, and being in a mountainous area the river-bed is mostly rock and this is where the problem comes in

Use live bait, fine, but the live bait swimsuits in between the rocks and snags your line, bait, hook, sinker the lot, gone There are also places where you can fish from the bank among the scrub-type bushes and trees away from the rocks and this is where the question comes in … where are the bass? Do they school? Do they move around? Do they have their favorite places? It took quite some time to work this out. But these answers are easier to come by with the right input …

Source by Ivan Kukard

Fishing at Bass Pro Shop???

I thought I share with you guys my Bass Pro Shop Seminar Experience!

Thank you Bass Pro Shop for having me! Thank you for treating me so well Stella!!

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Problems That May Occur With Hummingbird Fish Finders

Do you want to equip your boat with one of the Hummingbird fish finders? They are, without a doubt, excellent navigational and fish tracking devices. However, just as any other electronic device, problems may occur with them.

In this report, I’m going to present a few inconveniences that your Hummingbird fish finder may encounter, and provide solutions if possible.

1. Most of the Hummingbird fish finders are labeled as “Waterproof”. Well, most of the units can tolerate a few drops of water or a few spills on them, but that doesn’t mean you should leave them out in the rain or dip them in water. These are, after all, electronic devices and sooner or later water will find its way to their components and ruin them. Therefore, if you’re out fishing on a rainy day, prevent your depth finder unit from being rained on. Also, remember that salt water is corrosive and it will kill your depth finder in a short time if exposed to it. So, if you’re fishing out at sea, make sure you don’t allow any sea water get to the electronic unit or on its contacts.

2. Sometimes the display unit does not turn on. Needless to say, in that case you should verify if the display unit is connected properly to the power source, or if the battery is charged. If you have already checked that and your Hummingbird fish finder still doesn’t work, see if the cables aren’t interrupted in any place, check the contacts and remove any trace of corrosion on them.

3. The transducer may not send correct data to the display unit. For example, it may not measure the depth correctly. If you know for sure that you’re fishing in waters over 20 feet deep, and you will get a reading of 1-2 feet, something is wrong with the transducer. To fix this, make sure the transducer is mounted properly and it’s fully submerged, at all time. It should not bounce in and out of the water as the boat is moving. A problem like this especially occurs if you’re sailing at high speed. If you can’t fix this problem by adjusting the transducer’s position or reducing the speed of your boat, it just might be a bad transducer, and you may want to replace it.

The last aspect I want to mention here does not really concern the Hummingbird fish finders, but their new owners. Sorry to say, but most of us would install a fish tracker without consulting the manual, because it all seems pretty much straightforward. However, due to various aspects that you may miss, your unit may not function properly. Therefore, make sure you have a copy of the instructions manual with you, even when you’re on the water. Remember that it should take some time until you learn how to operate your unit, especially if it’s an advanced Hummingbird depth finder model, like the 998c SI Combo or the 1198c SI Combo.

Source by Nathan Gress

How to Get Approved For an Apartment Even With a Criminal Record

One of the most frustrating episodes ones can encounter is a denial of housing. Apartment complexes, which in reality are run by real estate management firms, use a number of factors to determine who should rent and who should not. One of the most common factors that they use is criminal background check. A criminal history can be one of the greatest huddles one can ever come across in the process of renting an apartment.

The reason apartment communities request a criminal background check is first of all for the safety of the overall community. There is a general consensus that people with violent pasts are bound to fall back into their previous destructive habits. The concept of history repeats itself seems to be a prevailing belief in many places when it comes to criminal history and nowhere more so than in apartment leasing offices.

Another reason why apartment leasing offices conduct a criminal background check is so as to create the appearance of safety in the community and in so doing have the justification to charge more for rent. If a neighborhood or apartment housing community has a high level of crime, then tenants will not want to renew their leases and this means that there will be more housing units which are vacant and which the management has to fill (or risk being censored by the owner). The more housing units are vacant in an apartment community the more it hurts the management bottom line because this drives down the rent.

When conducting criminal background checks, apartments normally concentrate on felony convictions. Misdemeanor crimes which are only punishable by fines are generally not a concern. If you have a misdemeanor, you should not be concerned but if it is a felony you may get a denial.

There are two main ways to get an apartment approval if you have a criminal record. The first one is to check the nature of your offense and see whether you received what is called a deferred adjudication. This is a probation granted to first time offenders and is also known as community supervision. If you were convicted of a misdemeanor, and got probation, you can go to the county clerk’s office and request for what is called a court deposition. This is a print-out that shows the offense, the court that heard the case, and the judgment that was rendered and the fact that you have deferred adjudication. The printout also states that you have successfully completed the community service without any other incidences and that you should not be discriminated against when it comes to services. You can take a copy of this document to an apartment manager and in most cases they will approve you.

Another way to get an apartment is to get an expungement. This is the sealing of your criminal records and can be done depending on whether you’re eligible. There is an excellent eBook out in the market regarding how to get an apartment even with an existing criminal record and bad credit and you can get it at []

Source by Jim Muturi

Jig Mods To Catch More Bass with SBFishingTV!

The flippin’ jig has earned its place in the pantheon of jig fishing and bass lures through countless tournament wins and big bass. Jigs are flat-out deadly and one of the few baits you can fish from early spring throughout the entire year. These lures are great straight out of the package, but there are a few jig mods you can do to make them even better fish-catchers. Check out these quick hacks and try them out the next time you go to tie on a jig!

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How to Write an Online Ad That Will Attract the Band Mates You Want

Have you ever written an ad looking to play with a band and been disappointed with your results? Perhaps you could have gotten better results with a better-written post.

Looking for a band to join or looking for band members to join your band is the same as looking for a job. If you’re looking for band members you are playing the role of employer. If you are looking to join a band, you are playing the role of job seeker. Yet many of the musician ads that run online fall far short.

Before you write your next Craigslist or Backpage ad, consider reading the “help wanted” ads in your local paper for guidance on how to write your ad. Can you imagine an ad that reads:

“I am looking for the real deal if it’s still out there. Established company. Pro employee with pro equipment looking for full time job. I have reliable equipment and transportation. Looking for something permanent. I’ll do part time work but I charge a ton to do it. I have a passport and can travel. Please respond by email with your schedule, pay, (and task list). I’ll respond with my photo’s (yes, incorrect use of punctuation) and links to samples of my work. Professional experience for about 15 years. Worked in all kinds of companies both large and small.”

This was an ad that ran on Craigslist, with music-related words replaced with generic work words. Consider this from the employer’s (or band’s) perspective. Here is someone asking you how much you are going to pay them to do a job without allowing you to see examples of their work or even speak with them. Can you imagine a company responding to this ad with something like,

“Wow! You sound really qualified to do a job we have. We’ve been in business 15 years; is that “established” enough for you? We have a full time job available that we’ll pay you $25 an hour to do because we don’t want to pay you “a ton” to do it on a part time basis. If that’s enough money for you please send us links to your work samples.”

If you are a musician looking to join a band, the best way to get response is to write your ad in a way that answers the questions the band will want to know in order to consider you. By answering these questions you’ll get more responses from more bands that are much more aligned with what you’re actually looking for.

1. What instrument do you play?

2. How long have you played or what level do you consider yourself?

3. What is your experience playing live, in the recording studio, touring?

4. What bands or musicians are you influenced by? If you’re a metal bass player you don’t want to hear from a jazz band. And just putting “rock” is really misleading. Is it “The Eagles” or is it “Green Day” or is it “Metallica.” All three bands are classified as rock, but they are all very different.

5. If you live in a large city (like L.A. or NYC) you’ll want to include the part of town you live in. Yes, many musicians will “drive anywhere if it’s worth it.” But driving three hours each way to rehearsal gets old after a while and everyone knows it.

6. Your age. Bands in their 20s may not want to play with a 45 year old. Bands over 21 might not be willing to accept someone under 21 since it limits the clubs the band can play in when band members are under 21. You may think you’ll be able to overcome this once they hear how amazing you are. But that’s very unlikely. Just like if you’re in 40s you may not want to play with a bunch of “kids” who don’t know what they’re doing.

7. Your photo. Every band has its own image and the band members need to fit that image. (The ad above was followed by a picture of the musical instrument that this person played. Is he/she so ugly that the musician didn’t want to be seen? Do they really think that bands looking at this ad don’t wonder this. What benefit does showing a picture of the musical instrument offer? )

All of the above information is intended to tell the band what you can do for them. Only after sharing that should you say what you are looking for.

8. What kind of commitment are you looking for: nights and weekends, full time

9. What your long term goal is: play locally, tour nationally, become a rock star

10. How would you like a band to contact you? Give a way other than responding through the ad to contact you. Someone may save your ad, come back to it later and then it’s expired. That’s a missed opportunity for you.

Finally, you will get better results if you include a link to your music and pictures. If you cannot provide a link to your music, explain why. Maybe your current band mates don’t know you’re looking for a new band. Maybe you don’t have anything online; in which case you’ll want to offer to send a CD in the mail or offer to come in and jam with the band.

Here’s an example of a professionally written ad:

“I’m a 35 year old bass player, having played professionally for 15 years. I also sing back-up vocals. I’ve played local gigs three nights a week, toured throughout the Midwest U.S. and recorded three CD’s that have been sold on CD Baby. My influences include Guns N Roses, Motley Crue, Skid Row, Alice In Chains.

I recently moved to L.A. and am looking to join an established band as a full time member. I have reliable gear and transportation. I currently live in Pasadena. I’d eventually like to tour nationally and internationally but understand if you’re band isn’t there yet. If that’s your goal too we can get there together. I have a passport and can travel on a moment’s notice.

Here’s a link to my music:” and then provide a direct link to your MySpace profile or a website where they can see your picture and hear your music. “And I’d be happy to come in and jam with you. Please contact me via my MySpace and reference this Craigslist ad.” (Or however you would prefer the band contact you.) It’s important to share your preferred method of communication. It makes you sound more professional.

Lastly, include a photo of yourself at the end of your ad. Yes, a band is interested in people with a “look” that fits their style.

Follow these basic guidelines to writing your ad and watch your responses improve.

Source by S. Marmolejo

Girl goes Big Bass Fishing with Plastic Worms and 70+mph with Blazer Boats Video

Fishing girl Darcizzle hits central Florida for the best bass fishing around with Blazer Boats out of Camp Mack River Resort on the Kissimmee chain of lakes. Includes what Darcie and Scott use to catch a ton of bass for their 19lb aggregate.

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Lake Fork Bass Fishing: Big Bass Tournament Tips and Techniques

With the Berkeley Big Bass tournament happening this week, we thought we would give all the help we could to assist you guys participating in catching bass and cashing checks! So watch this, go do a little bass fishing on Lake Fork this weekend and maybe make a little money.

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Bass Fishing Techniques – Looking For The Best Tips And Strategies?

Split-shotting has been around the fishing scene in one form or another since theception of putting a worm on a hook. But, it was not really popularized until the early 80's as a viable means for presenting a plastic worm. The technique was formally developed by a Southern California angler by the name of Dick Trask. He developed the technique in order compete in local team events on the heavily pressured lakes of So. Cal. His method worked so well that it enabled him to be "the" major threat on the water at all times. He won or placed in almost every event he fished until his secret technique came to light. Since then, the Split-Shotting Technique has become a mainstay on the tournament circuits in the West and a few other states.

Fishing the split-shot rig is very simple. It can be fished in water as shallow as 1 'to water as deep as 90'. All you do is cast the rig out, let it sink to the bottom, and slowly drag it back to the boat. When working the bait back, some people like to use the reel to work the bait. Others prefer to drag it with the rod. In any event, the best way to hold the rod while working the bait is to hold it at a 90 degree angle to the line. This will give you better sensitivity during the recovery.

Another way to work the bait occurs during very windy days. In most worm fishing techniques, it is difficult to feel your bait during windy conditions. But, the split shot rig can be easy if you use the wind to your advantage. All you need to do is cast your bait into the wind, let it sink to the bottom, and work the rig by allowing the wind to slowly move the boat. You do not need to reel. By using your trolling motor, you can control the speed of your drift and then, the speed of your lure.

Although the rig was initially developed for use on heavily pressured lakes with small (3-4 "baits) finesse plastics, any size bait can be used. In California, the common baits are generally 3-5" long. But, many people are using 6 "and longer baits too. Some may ask, why not use a Carolina Rig for the larger baits? Well, that is an option but for the subtlest presentation, the split shot rig works the best. It has a minimum of hardware associated with it and you can use a very light split-shot for extremely shallow water fishing.

Freshwater Fish Identification is another technique used by anglers. Detecting the bite is the hardest lesson for a bass angler who is learning to split shot. The bite varies with the activity levels of the fish. At times, they will pop the bait very hard, making you aware instantly that the fish is eating the bait. At other times, there will only be a soft and nearly imperceptible tick and thereafter nothing.

Finally there is the much dreaded pressure bite, which takes two different forms. The first form of pressure bite is where you feel a little bit of resistance to pulling the line forward. It feels like hooking a spongy and soft rubber band. The other type of pressure bite is where contact with the bottom is lost. When a bass fish has picked up the lure and is merely following along with any of your forward movement. It is the reason as to why the maintenance of bottom contact is so important.

A sweep set is the preferred hook set to be used with this technique. Once you detect a fish holding the bait, drop the tip of the rod toward the bass, reel down to the point where you feel resistance or just short of it and horizontally sweep the rod away from the bass fish.

Source by Abhishek Agarwal

Personal Best Bass Caught 2 TIMES IN 1 DAY!

I set out to do some spring bass fishing and ended up breaking my PB largemouth bass not just once, but twice in the same day!

Don’t send me stuff!… but if you want to I’d really appreciate it!

618 Fishing
P.O. Box 462
Hamel, IL. 62046

Bass #1————————- 0:54
Bass #2————————- 1:58
Bass #3————————- 3:20
PB Bass #1——————– 4:20
Bass #5————————- 5:17
Fail——————————— 6:27
PB Bass #2——————– 7:08


“Thieves” – By Andrew Applepie –


Garmin 400C Dual Beam Fish Finder Features and Tips

The Garmin 400C Fish Finder is a great fish finder for freshwater fishing. It can also be used for salt water fishing, but an upgrade to a separate dual frequency transducer will be necessary. With its bright, high resolution, color display this Garmin FishFinder will help you to easily spot the fish even in bright sunlight. The display also has a backlight feature which allows for easy operation during your night fishing trips.

The Garmin 400C FishFinder comes standard with a dual beam 80/200 kHz transducer that allows for depth penetration of up to 900 feet. (Keep in mind that murky or cloudy water can diminish the exact depth the fish finder can reach.) This transducer is best suited for freshwater fishing due to its depth penetration.

The dual beam transducer offers a 45 degree cone angle on the 80 kHz setting and a 14 degree cone angle on the 200 kHz setting. This feature will allow you to see a wide area at more shallow depths and will help you zone in on those hard to see fish at the deeper depths.

If saltwater fishing is in your future it is recommended to upgrade to a separate dual frequency transducer. The dual frequency model will penetrate up to 1500 feet and has cone angles of 45 degrees and 10 degrees depending on the setting. As with the dual beam transducer you will see a wider area at more shallow depths, but with this transducer you will be able to spot those hard to see fish up to depths approaching 1500 feet.

Whether you choose to catch fish in freshwater or saltwater this Garmin FishFinder can be a great tool for you.

Remember that this model comes standard with a dual beam transducer, but that you can buy a dual frequency transducer if desired.

FishFinder Tips

There are a few things to keep in mind when cleaning your fish finder’s display. First, you should make it a habit to gently clean the fish finder display after every fishing trip. This best practice, along with the tips below, will keep it in good condition the longest.

When cleaning the unit’s casing (except the display screen) use a damp cloth and mild detergent solution. Then wipe dry. Do NOT use chemical cleaners or solvents as these may damage any plastic components. To clean the display screen use an eye glass lens cleaner and a dry cloth. The reason for using this type of cleaner is because fish finder displays generally have an anti-reflective coating. Cleaners containing ammonia, anti-grease detergents, alcohol or abrasives can damage this coating so use an eye glass cleaner that specifically states it is for use on anti-reflective surfaces.

Most fish finders are also waterproof and withstand being submerged for short periods of time. (Check your model’s owner’s manual to be sure.) Be aware though that submersion for an extended period of time (generally over 30 minutes) may cause irreparable damage to the unit. If you fish finder is submerged, dry it with a clean cloth and then allow it to air dry completely before your next fishing trip.

Source by Beth Pasquale

Bass Lessons – Funky Chops Vs Local Lessons

More and more people are turning to online music lessons. Why? Because local lessons are extremely expensive while with online music lessons you can get all of the lessons you need to become a great player with just a one time fee.

Bass guitar is no exception to this. Funky Chops bass guitar lessons are an alternative for those who want to learn to have a great bass player but who do not have the money to pay for a local bass guitar teacher.

Funky Chops is focused primarily on slap bass technique and unlike other guides it's focused entirely on learning to play the instrument. It's not about music theory or learning to read music (or even tabs.) It includes audio & video lessons which will enable you to learn to play without any of the boring stuff that slows up other guides.

Funky Chops was created by Jim Lee who set out to create a set of lessons that would get people playing quickly and having fun doing it. He wanted to make sure that no prior knowledge of playing the instrument was required. And he wanted to make sure there was no "boring stuff" to slow people up. And that's what he created with this system. This is a completely "learn by ear" way of learning to play.

Lee includes 101 different bass riffs in Funky Chops. With these 101 bass riffs in your arsenal you'll be well on your way to being a slap bass pro. Bass is a fun instrument because it's all about the rhythm and the intuitive way that it can be played. Jim Lee's guide is focused on that rhythm and that intuitive nature. If that's the way you want to learn then it's a great choice. If you want a more professorial approach then you should try elsewhere.

Source by Johnny Moon

Fishing Submerged Vegetation – Pro Fishing Tips

Finding and Fishing Submerged Grass can be difficult to do. These simple fishing tips will show how to catch more bass in the grass. Using your electronics to located underwater or submerged vegetation is a great way locate the hard to find fishing spots. Scott Martin Grass Fishing Tips.

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3 Must-Know Fluke Rigging and Fishing Tips

The minnow profile of a fluke and the myriad ways to rig and fish it make it a mainstay in all most pro angler’s arsenal. Bassmaster Classic Champion Casey Ashley relies heavily on the Zoom Fluke whenever bass are schooling and feeding on open water forage like blue back herring and shad, and shares some highly-honed guidance on rigging and fishing the plastic. Casey shows us his two favorite ways to rig the fluke, and two absolutely deadly ways to fish it. He also walks us through his preferred hook and line combo to get the most out of his presentation. This is can’t-miss fluke fishing content that’ll definitely up your game.

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