Breeding Freshwater Angelfish

This is a video and photo journal of breeding my freshwater angelfish. This is just a little project I started and have documented along the way. Hope you enjoy!


25 thoughts on “Breeding Freshwater Angelfish

  1. Omg my two angelfish are breeding and look just like your two!! I finally had to raise the babies myself now they are free swimming:) can you please tell me what the babies yours had turned out to look like?? I'm dying to know!!!

  2. does water parameters make a difference in fertilization?
    don't use RO water in your tanks, or is your tap water hard or soft? Cam this make a difference in successful fertilization of the eggs?

  3. my parents had success with a beautiful marble pair that took care of their own babies they never had to feed them. my angels managed to hatch free swimming fry, but consumed them the next day.

  4. hiii ecuacura… is it heater is most important for breading Angel fish or for rasing frys or we can just breed without heater.??.. and how u clean ur frys tank..?? plzz tel me…!!

  5. Very nice video. I have a pair and they started cleaning a part of my aquarium a about 10 days ago but they never spawn! What water conditions are required please?Thank you

  6. my pair angel fish was eat the fry two times after the baby fish free swimming i don't know why :(:(:(
    now there are put new eggs i will try to move the eggs to new tank 10 gallon and try this idea, what is the temporary for the fry?

  7. hiii 
    i have a angel fish pair .
    my pair eggs are turning to white when they are with parents.
    therefor i am reomve plate from breeding tank and place plate another tank , but i use water for another tank from breeding tank. But eggs are turning to white after 24 hours

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