Choose Your Lure, Three Must-Have Lures for Your Tackle Box

What if you could use only three of your best bass fishing lures on your next fishing trip? Which fishing lures would you choose? I'm going to tell you my first three choices, why they should be in every tackle box, and why they will work for you.

As a lifetime fisherman, I want to tell you about some fishing lures that I would not hit the water without. In this first of three articles, I want to talk about the fishing lures that have climbed to the top of my list. Why have they reached this place of honor? They catch fish!

The bass lure market is flooded with fishing lures but there is one that stands in a class of its own, a hard bait from the folks at Bill Lewis Lures. Rat-L-Trap. One of the best selling lures of all time. It's versatile, and it works in almost any condition almost any time of the year. It's not just limited to the Big Mouth Bass. Other species like Sand bass, Strippers, and Hybrids are just as eager to go after your Rat-L-Trap. Just ask any of the pros and they will tell you this thing is one great fish catcher. If you're new to bass fishing, or a seasoned pro, the Rat-L-Trap works!

I fish Lake Fork here in my home State of Texas. My favorite time of the year is post spawn, when most fish have left their nest. I took a friend who had little experience with the Rat-L-Trap. We trolled the banks fishing the moss lines, the shallows, along the docks, and in depths ranging from 4 to 8 feet. We were catching 4 to 8 pounds right and left. I can tell you, by the end of the day the Rat-L-Trap made a true believer out of my friend.

I keep a special tackle box for Rat-L-Traps with a good selection of colors and sizes. During the post spawn and early spring my favorite is the 3 / 4oz. Lectric Silver. As the water temperature starts to warm and the days grow hotter, I'll switch to the 3 / 4oz. Blue Chrome. Most of the Chrome colors also work well with Sand bass, Strippers, and Hybrids. You may want to go to the 1/8 oz, o oz or the o oz for the Sand Bass and 1oz to 1 o oz for the Strippers and Hybrids. You can trust the Blue or Black Chrome colors for all.

The flashy colors and the rattling sound mimic school bait fish those lunkers can not resist. You've got to work hard to fish this thing wrong. Fish it anytime, anywhere. If you want to catch more fish then make the Rat-L-Trap a part of your collection. You will not be sorry.

Coming up: From hard bait to soft, I'll tell you why the plastic worm has also earned a place in my top 3 list. Till then, good luck and good fishing

Source by Craige F Bottleff