Different Types of Bass Fishing Lures

The trickiest thing about fishing is trying to decide what lure to put on your line. Some lures are going to do well and others are going to not do so well. The problem with this though is that not all lures work for the same type of fish. This will complicate things even more if you are new to fishing.

In this article I am going to talk about fishing for Bass, and what types of lures you should pay attention too. After you are done reading it you should have a good idea what works good for Bass fishing and what does not work so well.


The first type of lure that I am going to talk about is the Worm. This type of lure pretty much works good overall. It is fairly ideal for Bass Fishing and should be a starting point.

You will need to decide whether you are going to go with live bait or fake plastic bait instead. Each has its own qualities, but it will depend on what the fish are feeling for at the time. Just be sure to try out both of them before you make any final conclusions.

Crank Bait

Crank Baits are another type of lure that works fairly well. This type of lure is designed to look very lively and real to the Bass. This makes it very effective when used properly.

Try to use these more often in medium depth waters. You can try them out in shallow waters but they usually do not work as well. Avoid them in deep waters as they usually do not work at all there.

Topwater Lure

The Topwater Lure is the last one that I am going to go over here. These lures work the best in shallow waters. They basically sit at the top of the water and act like a bug floating on the surface.

Try using this type of lure in a large weed patch.

Hopefully these quick tipsave you a pretty good idea on what you can use next time you go on your fishing trip.

Source by Rob Ganion