Fishing Line Tactics

A basic rule of thumb that I follow religiously when it comes to a specific type of line is when targeting Largemouth I use braid and for Smallmouth I use fluorocarbon. Sometimes when the conditions call for it, I use fluorocarbon for Largemouth, but rarely do I switch to anything else when fishing for Smallmouth.

Smallmouth are hard to predict at the best of times so using fluorocarbon line in 6lb test will up our odds. Remember, when a Bass' meal comes with no visible strings attached success is pretty well inevitable! Nowadays small diameter braids can be used, but I have seen some snap leaving anglers upset and frustrated. I use 6lb fluorocarbon for a main line almost exclusively for Smallmouth and I have not had trouble bringing in the brutes to the boat. It's all in the drag of the reel. Tough line helps too. What is wrong with taking the line out of the package and testing it before purchasing it using our own two hands? But out on the water will be the true test. In the field is where anglers decide which line is best suited for their style of fishing.

Line performance is critical to success on the water. Thin diameter spells better success in fooling Mr. Bass and line manufacturers know this. Thinness not only ups our odds it also improves our casting distance. Distance in clear water is very important as far as I am concerned and that is one of the reasons I use 6lb fluorocarbon for my Smallie fishing. Distance is also important in clear water for Largemouth fishing so thin diameter lines such as braid help the cause. A main line of braid and a fluorocarbon leader will still get out there further because the larger diameter leader does not even touch our guides so friction is obsolete.

I am still actively trying different lines to help our readers decide what's best for them. As I am writing this article I am putting P-Line fluorocarbon to the test. But I have found that with braids the Power Pro and Spider Wires new Invisi-Braid are great choices for strength and now near invisibility. As far as fluorocarbon goes Seaguar is what I use. All of these lines have worked for me in the past and continue to do so. With new lines coming out every year, I am sure there will be more to write about in the near future!

The fishing line we use is our connection to the Bass so why cheap out! Having a high end rod and reel does not do an angler any good when using low end line. And keep in mind that it is the Bass that gets constantly reminded of that fact with the hook and line still embedded in its mouth! Do it for them because without the Bass, I can not speak for anyone else, but for me it would be devastating!

Source by Nic Di Gravio