Freshwater Lagoon: Pre-spawn/Spawn Bass Fishing (Humboldt County)

Just pulling one of five largemouth caught today, I probably totaled about 13lbs from the shore which isn’t that bad for a small and shallow lagoon. unfortunately my Go Pro died shortly after I caught the fish.


5 thoughts on “Freshwater Lagoon: Pre-spawn/Spawn Bass Fishing (Humboldt County)

  1. Kill every stupid bass in every lagoon from lake Earl south, they just anniahlate and wipe out the cutthroat we gave unique genetics landlocked special cutthroat in all the lagoons from Humboldt to lake Earl in crescent City those stupid bass do not belong there were put there by idiot bass fishermen and every bass kills thousands of baby cutthroat. Every bass caught in the lagoons needs to be tossed on bank and head stomped there's bass in damn near ever freshwater pond lake and reservoir in West coast from San Diego and Mexico all way to Washington Canada border fuck em but the unique land locked cutthroat that these lagoons all belong to won't be here ten yes from now now as direct result of these stupid fucking bass gobbling them up by the thousands from fry to fingerling size all way up to twelve inches long the cutthroat don't stand chance with stupid bass ambushing em and gorging selves on them. I caught bass last year in one the lagoons that head shook and threw up a fistful of baby cutthroat. Already got otters stupid Cormorant and herins and plethora of others wiping out the cutthroat fry but those stupid fucking bass will ensure there's not a cutthroat left ten yes from now, more likely half that long they've already decimated them beyond belief

  2. Do they stock that lagoon with rainbow trout as well? I've been trying to get into fishing with my 7 year old so the jetti is too dangerous and they're dreging right now so I've heard it's bad.

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