How To Catch Spotted Bay Bass

Ernie “Fast Erns” Tolentino shows you how to have fun catching Spotted Bass in San Diego CA.

Produced by Rick McFall for Razor Sharpe Productions

Music by DCAP WON


36 thoughts on “How To Catch Spotted Bay Bass

  1. Nice I don't get to that area very often. Gotta love the action though. Thank for the video. IF you like share your reports I am personally invited you to Socalsurfrats forum. AKA Plasticman.. thanks for the vid.

  2. Yeah they were. If you haven't battled with these fish before, you'd be surprised how hard they fight! Also, these spotties try and dive into the eel grass and wedge themselves in. So I try and make sure that doesn't happen and get em on deck. All catch and release. Thanks and good luck out there! -e

  3. Eric, thanks man. The trailer has been great, truly appreciate it! Let's go fishing for sure. We can hit San Diego Bay. I think I have your contact information and will be in touch. -e

  4. We appreciate that. It was intended to be a novice oriented "how to" video. Hope it helped. Have been curly tail grubs on the bleeding bitsy jig as the water temp has dropped with a very slow drag pop presentation. Look for our next video on San Diego Bay! Until then, Set That Hook! -e

  5. great video. completely different from all the bay bass videos on the web. you're not just showing off, you're giving good solid tips to people who have no idea how to catch them. its a refreshing change

  6. Hey Ernie,
    Nice Video! Met you a few months back when you bought my trailer. I don't think I have your number anymore but will try and find it. Let's go fishing!

  7. Thanks.Will have to defer credit of the video to producer Rick McFall. No I do not add any additional weight. I tie directly from line to Jig. Cut about 1/2 inch of the power worm trail. I like at least a 12lb test of your favorite line. This setup gets hit by halibut, bat rays, etc…I use 20lb braid in green and a 12-20lb invisibraid or flouracarbon leader in the bays. Good luck and Set That Hook! -e

  8. Excellent! If you fish fresh water bedded bass during spawn, this rig is deadly. You can also use a creature bait trailer or a grub tail. Just helps you see your rig clearly while site fishing with polarized lenses. Good luck and catch lots of fish! -e

  9. I used the rig I showed in the video. It's a 1/4 oz. Strike King Bleeding Bitsy Jig with a Berkley Power Worm Trail. It is my go to bait when on the Bays and have caught 10 different species with it. -e

  10. I used a 1/4oz. Strike King Bleeding Bitsy Jig with a Berkley Power worm trail(trimmed about 1/2inch). This is my primary rig whenever I'm fishing the Bays. Have caught 10 different species of fish with this rig on the bays. -e

  11. @klackindomes – I use Seaforth Boat Rentals at 1641 Quivira Rd.
    San Diego, CA 92109. $50 1/2 day & $70 full day. I would contact them for additional details or check out their website. -e

  12. What is that? If you're talking about the rig…. watch the video its a Strike King Bleeding Bitsy Jig with a Berkley power worm trail. Call it what you want but it's simply deadly in the bays. -e

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