How to Choose the Right Rod for each Lure

Hey guys, in this video I discuss which rod would be best suited for each lure. Hope my tips help you out.

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44 thoughts on “How to Choose the Right Rod for each Lure

  1. good advice the only thing i would add would be 7-7'6" xh for punchin heavy jigs through grass can also go on amazon look at the scott martin rods or the kastking royal legend rods they both list the rods power and length and what type of lure each was made for.even if you don't like the rods you have a visual you can copy for a reference

  2. Kids today know nothing about mono. Very good for beginners because of how easy it cast. I pitch alot with mono because with short distance and heavier test, stretch isn't a problem

  3. I use a 6' 10" or 7' MH w/ Fast Tip. I dont know why but, Im not a fan of shorter rods or weaker backbones. My rods range from 1/4oz – 1 1/4oz lure weights with 10-20lb line (or braid equivelant in diameter). I use 6.4:1 – 7.1:1 – 7.5:1 and, I feel like I can throw almost anything. I have a couple spinning rods but, only use them on rare occasions for finesse fishing (which I dont really enjoy). I think I have a pretty common selection that is well rounded for most scenarios. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Nice guidelines. Please include the characteristics of co polymer line in your future line discussions.  I typically change line prior to each tournament which can be expensive if you don't plan ahead.For me personally PLine floroclear co polymer line in the 3000 yard spools gives me the best price + performance / per yard. It makes changing line frequently less painful on the wallet.

  5. Just subscribed, awesome videos and a ton of information. Thanks for taking the time to teach us weekend warriors lol. Here's my set ups and hoping you can say yes that's good or what I need to do.
    2- 7' ML spinning rod with 15lb braid and floro. leaders using them for finesse type fishing (mojo, ned rigs and drop shot)
    1 6'6" older MH Berkley glass lightening rod baitcaster with 12lb mono for top water stuff like Super Spooks, Whopper Ploppers, chatter baits.
    I'm looking at a 6-6 to 7ft MH bait cast rod/reel for frogs, Super Flukes and worms in heavy cover….how am I looking. MUCH appreciated for your input!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm fishing from a kayak if that helps, thanks

  6. hey there bud, question on the fury line up,,, I own a few and was wondering do u think they are true to there power, I some what feel like they are all a step down example MH feels likes a medium, heavy feels like a MH, just curious on ur opinion cause I know u have a lot time spent with dobyns rods,, thanks bud

  7. Very in depth, this answers a good bit of questions. Even with all of the research I have been doing I still find the best approach it to get advice and start testing to fine tune what works for yourself

  8. I used to feel a MH fast was the best all around rod. Now Ive changed my mind to a MH moderate/fast as the best all a rounder. I can throw anything on it within reason. Having said that, though, Ive become addicted to rods and reels and cant stop buying specific rods for certain purposes…But if all I could have was one rod it would be a MH moderate/fast.
    By the way, get yourself a glass rod to try out, they are awesome for cranking. I love the soft actions on them. I have a St Croix Mojo Bass Glass (not that pricey..about $125) and I love this thing. Its fun hooking into a fish and your whole rod soaking it up

  9. hey dude great vid!. and hey do you ever think you could maybe do like a video on what type of gear to get as a young angler. i'm 15 so i don't necessarily make alot of income. i have 2 rods a flipping/frogging and an all around. i'm looking to get something else along with what type of gear to get for ponds and small lakes. would love to hear your input. thanks!

  10. Who makes that 6'8'' H frog rod you use? I fish from a wheelchair mostly and have been looking for a shorter frog rod. Used a 6'8'' mh last year but want something a little more stout.

  11. Last week, I just purchased a rod/reel combo dedicated to "cranking" –
    sqaurebills, crank baits, jerk baits, spinner baits and chatter baits

    I bought a G. Loomis E6X 845C CBR 7' M/H with mod/fast action rod with a
    Shimano Citica 200 6.4:1 bait caster with 15lb Seguar Fluorocarbon line

    Rod combo #2 is a 7' M/H Fast action Shimano Clarus with a Shimano
    Curado 50E (6.3:1 gear ratio) with 30 lb braid for top water

    Rod combo #3 is a 7' M/H Fast action Shimano Clarus with a Shimano
    Chronarch CI4+ (7.6:1 gear ratio) with 30 lb braid for jigs and texas

    Rod combos #4-#6 (finesse fishing) are 7' Medium or Medium Lite ALL Fast
    action with Shimano Sahara 3500 to 2500 reels; wither fluoro or braid

  12. Love the channel. This video is a little misleading though. There is NOT a standard on powers in between companies. Someone's medium will be stiffer than someone else's and vise versa all the way through the line. So the only way to get the rod you're really looking for is to use it.

  13. Great video very well broken down. I top like to have everything complex and organized, I'm slowly building up my arsenal. Wonderfully informative. You privide great evidence for your points. Tight lines!

  14. Nice video , and great job of knowledge and presentation. The accuracy point caught my attention, being that I use a 5'6" berkley lightning rod medium heavy, casting spinnerbaits and for me I am by far more accurate with that set up because that's what I am use to. I have some 6'6" rods that I will only use worm or jig fishing because of better hook setting power. Is the short rods I use too short for some people . Yes. For me, No. Will not keep rambling on, but really enjoyed your video and your very good take on rods.

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