I’ve NEVER seen anything like this while Fishing!!

Have you ever seen this while out fishing?

Day 2 fishing Lake of the Ozarks brought cloudy, rainy, cold conditions which should have set up perfect for a moving bait bite…but the fishing gods had other plans for me. I had to grind and cover 35 miles of the lake, but eventually I settled in and caught some GIANT BASS!! Right before I caught my big ones, a deer swam all the way across the cove I was fishing and ran up the bank right next to me! I’d never seen anything like this, although had heard many stories…couldn’t believe the animal got so close to me. That had to be tough in 45 degree water!

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50 thoughts on “I’ve NEVER seen anything like this while Fishing!!

  1. As I watch your video I noticed something that you're doing wrong you're holding your bait in your hand never hold your bait in your hand that close to your head that picks up this human sense so just tried to unhandled your bait more often you'll catch more fish

  2. Since I had surgery, I have watched a lot of videos. Most are boring. I like your videos, so I subscribed. You do things the way I do them. Please continue the great work.

  3. Ive seen that before prob 10 x . One time we went beside a huge buch and grabbed its horns and helped it to the shore..It was about to give up..I miss Lake Casitas

  4. While in the Navy stationed in Florida for three days,a manatee surfaced,some of the good ole boys from some of the confederate states ,none from Florida,were amazed at what they saw, not being familure with the manatee,or even hearing the name,they asked,amazed and excited "what in the hell was that!!" I couldn't resist,and started yelling, "Mermaid it's a fucking Mermaid,hurry hurry come look" and many good ole boys came a running,and leaned over the rails for a better look,More manatees showed,and semi surfaced and they were all leaning over the rails amazed,as I kept yelling Mermaid! Mermaid! I couldn't hold it in any longer and I couldn't stop laughing as they were all serious and amazed as a heart attack,I couldn't stop laughing for 5 min.and I think a little pee came out,I never laughed so hard and for so long since.Totally worth it.

  5. To me, fishing and returning them into the lake is a, waste of time! Catch what’s the limit and go home fry them and eat dinner! Why replace every fish you catch! Waste of time!

  6. giant bass!?( in ur description) and that deer wasn't close until u motor over to him then he was 30 yards a way …sounds like a a fishing guide or the president….

  7. My brother in law and I had to paddle our canoe out of the way of a moose cow in Minnesota pond. Dont know what was after iy but it hit the water at a fast run , same straight at us. We moved, she went right where we were ,across the pond . When she got to the bank she continued running

  8. Thought the deer was awesome but bummed you throwing those 2lb ers go..hell travel that distance the 3 lb like???man would had me some shore lunches ..catch and release in my pan ..5lb dunno man???yur gas

  9. Saw a doe cross a lake, Dogs trialling her. Also saw 4 does swim river and go up near vertical. Bank. Watched a Squirrel cross the Ohio river,,,

  10. Really – I don't get it. Do you ever keep any of those fish to eat? I mean – it seems like a helluva lot of time and energy – and GAS – just to catch and release. You say "It's all freakin' worth it." What's the fascination? Is it proving that you're smarter than fish? I would think it would get old, soon.

  11. You ain't seen nothing yet, I was fishing on Harrison Lake in British Columbia Canada in the 1970's and a Grizzly Bear was swimming across the lake with her two cubs.

  12. I live in the Sf Bay Area and I remember boating all over the bay and delta as a kid with my parents and one time there was deer in the bay going from angel island to tiburon

  13. stupid! why would u throw him back in the water! take him home beer batter and fry them with a cold becks beer! cant go wrong asshole! and then u give them a thumps up! ur a real asshole!

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