Kayak Fishing Tennessee Rivers: GIANT SMALLMOUTH – Pt 2

I love fishing for river smallmouth from the kayak. In fact, I just love getting on these rivers in the kayak and exploring. These places are the reason that I chose to call Tennessee home after retiring from the Navy and they never disappoint.

This is Part 2 of this trip, so be sure to check out Part 1 if you haven’t seen it!

Kayak Fishing Tennessee Creeks: GIANT SMALLMOUTH – Pt. 1:

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35 thoughts on “Kayak Fishing Tennessee Rivers: GIANT SMALLMOUTH – Pt 2

  1. Man that place is gorgeous! Wish I knew where it was. I live in Mississippi. I'd like to see a video where you came here and fished some lakes or creeks. We have a lot of'em

  2. Ty Chad. These last two videos have me thinking about my TOW with swift currant skills. Every trip with moving water helps me learn to read the water ahead a little better every time. Every day I drive somewhere I see every body of water I pass and I'm thinking in my head, yes or no. Man I can't wait for pre-spawn to get here!

  3. I had my Gilligan (3 hour cruise), Adventure, a few years back when I did a Sunday morning float tube trip on the Iroquois river, in Indiana/Illinois, … I can safely say, that "I have never, ever been lost!" Although I was no where near where I was supposed to be, … (I knew where I was, … kinda, sorta), … 17 miles on an impromptu overnighter float tube trip, … being "rescued" by the DNR/FBI/paramedic crew that had to launch their boat 3x's to catch up with me, … where I had finally put it to shore, built a (very smoky) fire, to keep from being carried off by the huge old mosquitos, & a wandering band of coyotes, … (they attacked a farmhouse dog, & he/she lost), …
    The old bridge, & State Line rd. had been gone for several years, even though it was shown on a current map of the time, … bridge had washed away, with the abutment being turned over, & the road had been plowed back into a field of corn, …

  4. I didn’t see that turtle in the other features, going light on the river it makes you feel a little naked but it makes for good skinny water fishing.

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