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Our Story

Bass Jumps Boat

Bass Jumps

I’m a bass fisherman and have been for almost 50 years. I’ve

lived in the Springfield area since 1993. From about March 1st.

through November, I fish an average of 3-4 days a week. I have

an old RV at Goodys Resort on Pomme De Terre lake, which is

about 70 miles due north of Springfield.

I also fish Stockton, Lake of the Ozarks, and of course Table

Rock, which is 35 miles south of town. So I have plenty of

prime bass fishing within and hour or two from my front door.


I’ve had the pleasure these past 2 summers to fish the Pacific

Northwest, as my son Westin and his wife Brianne

have lived in Portland/Vancouver since 2013.


They are both avid outdoor persons, and we’ve got to fish for

smallmouth bass on the Willamette River in Oregon, dozens of


See some of my son’s videos on this site and on Wes’

Undercover Sportsman

and Modern Outdoor

Sportsman  for hundreds of fishing

and hunting videos. Many of the fishing videos I had the

pleasure to be his ‘net guy’. lol.

He also is an avid hunter, and has bagged a black bear and a

nice 4 x 4 black tailed deer in the past 2 years.

One of his most exciting videos is on a wild boar hunt in the

mountains of southern Oregon.

Watch him and his buddies getting attacked by a

heard of wild boar, watch it by Clicking


He has an outdoor production company,  WRYMedia.co

, ‘designed to make ‘sportsman

look good’, so check this video out to see what I mean.

WRY Outdoor Media.

Press Release Video

Since my first love is Bass Fishing, several years back, as an

computer nerd, I decided to design websites featuring the

things I love in my life. We know have 30+ websites, most

dedicated to ‘bass fishing’, but also dog training, golfing,

weight-loss and self improvement/self help in business and in

life. Some of my favorites of our websites are….(all are dot


  • Largemouth BassNation
  • Howto Catch Largemouth Bass
  • Howto Catch Smallmouth Bass
  • How toCatch More Bass
  • How toCatch Big Bass

     (LOL, I know, not veryoriginal)

  • How toBecome a Bass Pro

     And a bunchmore.

We also have corresponding Facebook pages, some with more than

5,000 fans, like this one on Facebook!  Largemouth Bass

Nation .       Or    Bass Fishing Nation

(10K+ fans)

In Closing, watch for our sales and giveaways, on this and most

all of our other websites, beginning January 3rd of 2016!

Remember, check out thousands of articles and videos on ‘all

things bass fishing’ and share and like us all you can!

God Bless, and may the new year bring you and yours the best

year ever!

Randy (Randman011) Yancey,  Springfield, Missouri