Plug Fishing Lures – For the Sports Fisherman

Plug fishing lures are a favorite stable for sports fishermen. Some plug lure designs become famous for their effectiveness while others come and go quickly. The action is built into the design of plug lure which makes them an effective tool even for those new to fishing. Experienced user increase the action of the lure by changing the speed of the retrieval, letting the plug stop in the water and then quickly retrieving and by flicking or twitching the tip of the fishing rod.

These lures may be built with a hollow core or may be made with a sold molded plastic body. Balsa wood is often used though most designs today use plastic for construction. The lure is made in two pieces which are joined by a flexible link. This linked construction adds movement in the water as the natural flow causes the links to move back and forth independently. Two, or three, treble hooks are attached to the body of the lure.

A unique aspect of plug lures is the ability to design them to display depths and the amount of wobbling needed at various depths. This diving is determined by the "lip" attached at the front end of this lure. Lures with a large lip are useful in catching fish that hide in deeper water. The large lip catches the water and allows the plug lure to descent to a depth of several meters. Manufacturers often list their plug lures as "shallow diver" or "deep diver". The shallow diver with a small lip will dip just below the water's surface while deep divers are the lures with a large lip and will descend quickly into the pond or stream.

Although plug lures are not surface lures, they do hover on the surface and then descend either slowly or drop quickly depending on design and use. Other surface lures have no lip or built-in action of multiple connected sections and rely on the fisherman to use his rod to generate action in the lure.

Plug lures may be found in sizes as large as 20 cm or as small as 5-7 cm and are available in a variety of colors. They may also be patterned with bright colors to resemble crayfish or frogs; colors may be loud and garish or resemble colors found in nature to blend into the water surface.

Producing fishing lures that provide the action and weight needed to catch the species of fish you are aiming for is a highly technical endeavor. A few companies have become well known for their expertise in making fishing lures for both the casual angler and the aggressive sports fisherman. Manufacturers known for producing lures of the highest quality include:

Pro-Star – known for producing high tech bait designs and incredible action lures

Rapala – realistic bait fish designs, great for bass

Storm – the do-everything top water lure and flexible lures as well

Fladen – easy to cast and perfect for sea bass and predatory fish

Source by Dale Morgan