Powerful, Durable and Reliable – The Lamiglas Ron Arra Pro Surf Fishing Rod

If you have always wanted to fish with assurance, then you should consider the Lamiglas Ron Arra Pro Surf rod. This pole is made by top-selling writer, world class surf fishing professional and casting instructor, Ron Arra. This specially made rod is in two pieces making carrying and traveling much easier. It's created for very long distance surf catching and was designed to stand up to heavy duty reeling of prized heavy weight fish. Every pole is made out of quality graphite to make sure it can handle anything that comes its way and still stay stream-lined at the same time. This fishing pole is a tool every spinning fisherman should own.

The Lamiglas Ron Arra Pro Surf is a very powerful, durable and reliable rod that is on every anglers wish checklist. This pole has a very distinct handle handling the angler to have a better and more snug grip. This 2 piece rod makes it easy for storing and lengthy journeys to the great outdoors. It does not take up too much area and will still give you what other poles offer: power, distance and a whole lot of command. It casts superbly and is essentially for those who like catching striped bass and other related fish. This pole is produced out of the finest products and is specifically handmade in the United States in order to sustain its quality. Each and every rod has a limited lifetime guarantee.

This rod is offered in all hobby shops and can be seen on numerous websites online. The Lamiglas website is accessible to answer all major issues and can also mention stores that have their products. Anglers and fishing hobbyists should check out this rod in order to value its magnificence and to experience how easily it fits in ones hand. If you're an angler, hobbyist or know someone who would love getting a long lasting, strong and dependable surf pole, be sure to check out the Lamiglas Ron Arra Pro Surf rod.

Source by Jeff Glasser