Fishing at Bass Pro Shop???

I thought I share with you guys my Bass Pro Shop Seminar Experience!

Thank you Bass Pro Shop for having me! Thank you for treating me so well Stella!!

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Eating Bass Explained!….Broke Science

People complain about eating bass all the time. It’s generally understood that largemouth bass are a “catch and release only” species. This doesn’t make much sense other than to support every bass fisherman’s idea that all bass on the planet belong to them. Hey, I didn’t make this stuff up, this is science.

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Freshwater Bass fishing (South Africa)

In this episode you’ll be joining me as I go Bass fishing whilst on holiday in South Africa. As I’ve never caught a freshwater bass before I was really excited as we’d set aside 3 days for fishing. My excitement soon turned to frustration as it proved to be more challenging than I had expected; but I never give up. Let see how I get on?

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Smallmouth Bass Fishing on Mille Lacs

Smallmouth bass fishing on Mille Lacs! Fishing for smallmouth bass on Mille Lacs is absolutely amazing. Mille Lacs is on of the best smallmouth fisheries in the world. Join me, Joshua John Wells, of Minnesota Outdoor Journal for another epic adventure. I will teach you tips and tricks to catching more fish. Lures, locations, and more! Catching these world class smallmouth is something we all need to experience. This is an astonishing resource that needs our protecting. Mille Lacs lake is just one of 10,000 reasons I truly love Minnesota. Smallmouth bass are an anglers dream fish. They fight and give you everything they got, And then some! King of the rocks! For more great experiences and adventures check out Minnesota Outdoor Journal. Tight lines!


Catching Australian Bass on hardbody lures | We Flick Lure Fishing Videos

Lure fishing for big Australian Bass in the wild rivers of New South Wales with Chris Villani from We Flick Fishing.
Watch and learn tips and techniques for catching fish using hardbody Lures – Ecogear SX48 Premium Hardbait

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How to catch HUGE East Tennessee smallmouth BASS in COLD weather!

Catching a 20+ pound bag on South Holston Lake in Bristol, TN with Tim “Blademan” Maxfield. Catching fish early on a jerkbait then giving a lesson on how to fish a damiki rig. Use these methods to catch big bass on cold, windy, rainy days. Enjoy the video!!!

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How to Troll for Smallmouth Bass (With Fast Fish-Catching Action)

Today we’re out on the water with Enzo out on Lake Eerie’s eastern basin at 5am, trolling for smallmouth bass.

We’re trolling with the misty minnows, which are realistically shaped crankbait minnows. I’m using a medium natural colour, and Enzo is using the silver blue.

We’re looking for smallmouth today and we’re going to troll for them through about 10 feet of water or shallower, ideally between 6 and 12 feet. The medium misty minnows drive about 6 feet, so they are perfect for trolling for smallmouth bass, keeping us down to the bottom.

We’re going to troll as slow as we can, which is about 3mps with our outboard. We’re going to work our way around the shoreline.

Today’s episode is loaded with great trolling for smallmouth bass paired with lots of fish catching action!

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Smallmouth Bass caught in Ozark Mountains of Arkansas

Oh, baby!!!! Heaven is a place on Earth & I think I found it on this spring fed creek deep in the Ozark Mountains of Northern Arkansas! June 14th 2014. Sunny and 83F. Water temp 63F. This was my 72nd Smallmouth of the day. Ended w/ 86 smallies caught & released.


Smallmouth Bass Fishing, Sugar Creek, Indiana

Catching a handful of Smallmouth Bass kayak fishing Sugar Creek,November, 2015, starting up at Shades State Park, and wrapping up at Coxford Bridge, just downstream of Turkey Run State Park. Unfortunately, I was unable to float the creek during the peak of Autumn’s colors, but had the stream all to myself, albeit an abundance of wildlife, including numerous Bald Eagles. Both the sky and the stream were especially clear during this trip. If I remember correctly, most of the fish were caught with a sinking Rapala while using an Abu Garcia Cardinal on a Shakespeare Ugly Stick Rod. I have been using eight pound test line these past few seasons, and implementing a Palomar knot whenever possible.


How To Hold A Bass | Bass Fishing

Here’s how to hold a fish for proper catch and release.

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10lb Largemouth Bass Eats GoPro – Big Female Largemouth Bass On Bed Underwater Slow Motion Strikes

This video is about the happened footage from two camera angles to land and safely release an amazing largemouth bass in north america in Allen, Texas. Regardless of the size its a cool way to view the way fish react to baits underwater! Largemouth Bass Catch and Release with Underwater Footage
Catching a female largemouth after spawn at a local pond, she was very aggressive to the camera. She did not respond to any bait and was only interested in the camera. The hook set was incidental.

This is the largest bass I’ve caught in Texas and in my life. Luckily I happened to get a sweet video out of it. Enjoy.