Girl goes Big Bass Fishing with Plastic Worms and 70+mph with Blazer Boats Video

Fishing girl Darcizzle hits central Florida for the best bass fishing around with Blazer Boats out of Camp Mack River Resort on the Kissimmee chain of lakes. Includes what Darcie and Scott use to catch a ton of bass for their 19lb aggregate.

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Largemouth Bass Fishing Florida Everglades Flats with MUSTAD

I recently had the opportunity to take the Mustad of the Americas management team out for a day of Florida Everglades Largemouth Bass Fishing. We fished the shallow water flats at Holiday Park. The big fish are moving out of the canals and onto the shallow grass flats to spawn. It was all topwater action all day.
Magnus Gunnnarsson, the manager of Mustad and Sam Root, the marketing manager and myself caught over 20 largemouth Everglades bass all on topwater baits.
I would like to credit and thank Sam Root for capturing some breathtaking drone footage and still shots.
I have used Mustad hooks most all of my life and worked with Mustad for a little over a year now, so it was my pleasure to be able to give back to the hook company that help make my Florida bass fishing charter business a success.

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What happened to the angelfish?

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Epic Manitoba Smallmouth Bass 1v1 – FTMW vs. Uncut Angling

We put fly fishing against conventional gear tactics in a head-to-head challenge between Aaron and Jon B. ( in the Northern Region of Manitoba. None of us have been on Rocky Lake before so unpacking the water is a larger consideration than the techniques employed. MOST Smallmouth Bass caught wins EVERYTHING.
…For more information on Manitoba fishing opportunities:

…Equipment used:
Jon was using a variety of craws and straight 4″ worms on a light shaky head jig. Aaron was using bunny leech streamers and then a Hare’s Ear Nymph.
G. Loomis 10 weight Pro4X Rod
G. Loomis Bronzeback 7’7″ SMR913SP
Shimano Stradic 3000 Ci4+ Reel
Power Pro 10 pound braid
Alumacraft 185 Competitor Boat
Yamaha F90hp Motor

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Pond Bass Fishing In The Rain! | MTB PRO

WATCH IN HD! Went out o the ponds for a little while in the rain to try and score on some summer bass. Brought my Mystery tackle box along and hooked into some nice bass.

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Camera used
Sony a5100
Gorpo hero 4

Edited on Imovie 11


Pond Fishing Tips for Winter Bass (ft. Mike Iaconelli)

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Ike’s favorite pond fishing baits for winter bass:
1. Rapala Husky Jerk
2. Rapala Shad Rap
3. VMC finesse half moon jig/Berkley Powerbait Ripple Shad
4. VMC rugby jig/Berkley Havoc Larry Nixon Bottom Hopper
5. Missile JIgs Ike’s Mini Flip Jig/Berkley Powerbait Chigger Chunk


Location: New Jersey
Date: January 6th, 2016
Primary Pattern: Needed an auger :/
Camera used: Sony A5100 (stock settings)


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Bass Fishing Orlando/Kissimmee Florida; Laura Francese- Beauty vs. Bass

It’s an honor to have fished with Laura Francese in Kissimmee, Florida. She is a Professional Archer and was a Buffalo Bills Cheerleader. She’s also a promoter in the hunting/archery industry as well as a model and hunting advocate.

She does much charity work such as running marathons for Veterans (Team RWB) and Breast Cancer Awareness…I had a great time fishing with Laura, learned a lot about archery (Strother Archery) as well as her lifestyle and what she represents in the industry.

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Spotted Bass Record and 27lb bag! Ft. Matt Frazier

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It took roughly ten trips to dial in the pattern on getting the bigger spotted bass to strike on Camanche. With the help of my friends Matt Frazier, Travis Averill, Armando L, Jason Borofka and Mike Coleman we nailed down the patterns/depths and way points. I know this record will not stand for long as Lake Camanche is producing some giant spotted bass, but it feels great to get a big girl in the books!
I was using a G-Funk G-Rig (Alabama Rig) on a Andy Morgan light flippin’ iRod Gen2 with a Lews BB1 reel and 15lb P-Line 100% Fluorocarbon.


Huge Bass from Under Docks!

In this video we head out on Lake St. Clair in search of Smallmouth Bass. Our back up plan if the smallmouth didn’t pan out was to head in shore and skip docks for largemouth. Our back up plan was an excellent one, we sure hammered the Largies!

Big Bird’s Date Night by Twin Musicom is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (

Club Diver – Electronic Hard by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (


10 Creepy Sea Creatures You Didn’t Know Existed

Did you know any of these amazing and scary deep sea creatures? It’s hard to believe these bizarre animals exist. Subscribe:

‘Hatchet Fish’ footage by Filmic Art :

For copyright matters please contact us at:

There is a vast world below the ocean that we have yet to discover in its entirety. While we seem to know nearly everything about the land, the sea still leaves much to be desired. As you go down into the depths of the ocean, you’ll notice a lot will change. For one, you’ll begin to be immersed in darkness. Second, the pressure will change. So, the creatures that have been discovered deep in the oceanic depths are quite different biologically, and they can be quite terrifying to look at. But once we begin to understand them, we can start to learn more about our existence, and even come closer to curing diseases and solving some of the world’s most complex mysteries. However, the sea creatures that have been discovered recently have shown to be just downright creepy and terrifying.
You probably recall the Angler Fish, especially if you’re seen the Disney movie, “Finding Nemo”. If you didn’t realize that this fish is the real deal, get ready for new additions to your nightmares. It wasn’t a work of fiction or some messed up fantasy of some Disney Imagineer. The fish that we see in this video is actually female, and the male is a small weakling, wandering the sea to find a female with her pheromones. The male then attaches itself to the female and becomes a parasite. Every part of the male merges with the female except for the testicles, which the female uses to impregnate herself. Jokes aside, this is quite a fascinating process despite how creepy it is. Similar to the angler fish is the Viper Fish, which has a natural extra attachment that illuminates in the darkness of the sea with the purpose of attracting prey.
The blob fish is a creature that you wonder what God was smoking or shooting up when he decided to create the blob fish. This fish has no bones, and literally just hangs out on the ocean floor and hopes that food comes to its mouth. Whether you want to worship the blob fish for its epic level of laziness or wonder how in the world the species is still in existence with such an apathetic demeanor, it’s still creepy to look at. Then we have the goblin shark, which is pretty much like the underwater version of the alien from the movie “Alien” due to its protruding mouth. The goblin shark has a large snout and needle-like teeth that are sharp and deadly.
For a completely random sea creature, we have the Christmas Tree Worms, which really look like tiny walking fir trees that come in different colors. The branches or hair-like appendages help them breathe as well as consume phytoplankton. Then we have the sea pig, which looks nothing like the pigs we have on land. But instead the sea pig is a multi-tubed foot sea creature that is closely related to the sea cucumber. It eats by pulling water and absorbing organic food. Quite innovative, even though it looks creepy.
For more creepy sea creatures, check out the rest of the video for more.

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Sea Pig
Deep Sea Hatchet Fish
Blob Fish
Christmas Tree Worms
Flamingo Tongue Snail
Vampire Squid
Viper Fish
Angler Fish
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BASS FISHING with SOFT PLASTIC LURES- TAFishing Show The Totally Awesome Fishing Show! Graeme Pullen shows you how to catch Bass on soft plastic lures!! He shows you the best Bass lures to use, as well as show you how to find fish on a fish finder. Graeme fishes in a small boat off of Nare point near the Helford River estuary in Falmouth Bay of the South Coast of England. If you enjoyed the video, please subscribe 🙂

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GoPro Nashville Kayak Fishing 6 Pound HUGE Smallmouth Bass

This smallmouth was caught on my kayak while trolling a Bill Dance Bomber 12ft crankbait while kayak fishing on Percy Priest Lake near Nashville, TN. I hooked up to this monster smallmouth bass in the middle of summer. Filmed with the GoPro Hero 3 Plus with the GoPro head strap on an Ascend FS12T kayak from Bass Pro Shops. This smallmouth was caught while trolling a Bill Dance Bomber 12ft crankbait.


9 Ft Shark Eaten by Unknown Sea Creature

Shark eaten by Megalodon? A giant unknown sea creature ate a 9 foot shark. The 3 meter shark alpha was suddenly taken under by some sea animal.

At 4am on Christmas Eve a tagged shark was eaten by a massive unknown sea creature

-What Happened?
-Why it’s Mysterious?
-And what are the Plausible Explainations?

-What Happened?

Documentary Filmmaker Dave Riggs and his crew, who tagged a large number of great white sharks off the coasts of Bremer Bay in Australia, encountered something very unusual.

One of the tags of a large shark was discovered washed up on shore.

The tag had no signs of algae, but instead appeared to have been heavily bleach by stomach acid.

Using satellite tracking, they were able to pin point the exact time the shark was mysterious attacked and eaten.

-Why this is mysterious

This is mysterious for 2 reasons

1.) The data showed the tag taking a sudden 1902 foot drop down the continental shelf which indicated that the shark had just become prey to something big and very fast.

2.) After further examination, it was revealed that the tag had been ingested by an animal with an internal temperate of around 78 degrees Fahrenheit, 32 degrees higher than
than the great white’s normal temperature.

-Plausible Explainations?

Some people suggested that it could have been an orca, they are certainly large enough, with the biggest on record being 32 feet long and they have been known to hunt
great white sharks, however, the problem with this theory is that killer whales generally stay near the surface and the deepest an orca has ever been recorded was 850 feet
while this unknown creature was nearly 2,000 feet deep.

Another theory was that the tag may have somehow been removed from the shark. However, the trouble with this explanation is that
great white sharks body temperature is significantly warmer than the surrounding water, so if the tag had been removed the tracker would have to have picked up a sudden drop in temperature, which
which, it did not.

So could another larger great white shark have been the culprit? Not likely because of the temperate shift.

The temperate of the tag while in the muscle tissue is about 8 degrees warmer than the cold ocean water.
-Recorded Tag Temperature 46F
-Water Temperature 38F
The temperature of a great white shark’s belly will range between 13-25 degrees warmer than the surrounding waters.

So this would indicate a temperature between 52 degrees with a maximum of 64 degrees.
The temperature of whatever unknown sea animal that ate the tagged shark was at 78 degrees.

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Monster 15 lb Bass

SUBSCRIBE for more! A Huge 15 lb Largemouth Bass caught out of the front lake at Shadow Cliffs in California. Caught using a Gary Yamamoto Senko.

Song is Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace. No copyright Infringement intended.

monster 15lb 15 lb 15lb 15 lb largemouth bass large mouth bass gary yamamoto senko gary yamamoto shadow cliffs lunker huge bass bass pre spawn pre spawn spawn spawn bass fishing fishing fish fishing lure crazy fish huge 15 lb 15lb huge monster fish fishing bass bass pre spawn spawn pre spawn pound lb LB Pound hookitfishing HookItFishing hook it fishing Hook It Fishing pound pound pound pound pound