Tips on How to Catch Largemouth Bass from Shore using Casting Spoons

You can get your own Python Darters here:

This week Ivo and Antonio are boatless as they are fishing from shore using the Python Darter casting spoons to catch largemouth bass.

They share with you loads of great shore-casting, spoon-casting tips to help you land more fish!

As always, good fishin’!


40 thoughts on “Tips on How to Catch Largemouth Bass from Shore using Casting Spoons

  1. Why is the video called "Tips on How to Catch Largemouth Bass from Shore using Casting Spoons", when they repeatedly make it known in the video that they're fishing for Pike? Seems they're no good at fishing for Pike since they "incidentally" catch nothing except bass.

  2. I'm a shore fishermen from Windsor Ontario. Gonna have to give that setup a try on the miles of shoreline I have access to here on the Detroit River. Never thought of trying spoons since I normally toss Big Mepps like the Mepps Musky killer etc. I seen a few videos of you fishing the Detroit River. You have any tips off the top of your head you can give me? Like maybe what should I look for when I'm trying to get walleye from shore. I struggle with that and always see guys on the boats nailing them left and right 🙁

  3. I'm an experienced fisherman but still found this helpful. I didn't know about the soft landing technique, so thanks. I will look for those thundermist lures and I'll watch your other videos when I get the chance.  Right now fishing lakes around the Tukahoe river in southern New Jersey, hoping for pike but bass will work also.

  4. Hey Ivo, what kind of rod is that? Looks like a 6-6 1/2 foot medium-light to a medium action? Also, I have used just a regular silver and gold spoon without any pattern with a treble hook and caught some bass, they werent very big but that may have just been the lake. Any recommendations on anything I could do to improve these spoons?

  5. Ivo this weekend im fishing at a pond bigger than a soccer field  and it is awkwardly shaped for bass and every time i go i catch littler fish and my friend catches 6-7 pounders and im 10 feet away from him any other tips that can help me get bigger fish like my friend please

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